Rant of the Day

I mentioned in my last post my frustration with bra shopping, and I figured why not share my rant with the world here.

When I went to summer camp as a 13 and 14 year old, I had absolutely no need to wear a bra. They used to sing the “Flat as a Mat” song to me and my friend Shayna because we just were completely MIA in that area. I was that girl that prayed and wished and hoped that one day she would get boobs and be able to fill out a bra. Little did I know, that wish would one day come back to bite me in the butt.

Now, I have to wear a D cup. I have such ridiculous trouble finding bras because my rib cage is so tiny and yet my boobs are so big. Victoria Secret doesn’t make my size, nor does Aerie. The most expensive brand name bras from all the department stores of course make 32 Ds that cost anywhere from $60 to $80, and even when I do manage to find them on sale at Nordstroms, they still cost me an arm and a leg.

This is what I dont understand. America pressures girls to be skinny. America pressures girls to have big boobs. America pressures girls to be skinny with big boobs, exactly the way Barbie is made. I’m not going to lie – I know I have the body that thousands of girls kill themselves over. I know that I am blessed in my metabolism and my wonderful chest [but dont worry, I am constantly telling all of my flat chested friends that they can gladly have my boobs, they are too big for me.]. So yes, I am blessed. Then why is shopping for bras, bathing suits & tops often such a pain in the ass for me?!

Please tell me, why doesnt one of the biggest lingerie stores in the country carry my size? Erin has the same problem, and she wears 34 D’s instead because they fit her basically the same. I cant wear 34 D most of the time because my back ends up hurting, because the band slips up my back and makes it incredibly uncomfortable.

Its the same for clothes – tops that have triangle shapes, especially the ones with lines underneath the chest – they just dont do it for me. If I want something to fit me up top, I end up having to get it in Medium. Then the medium looks baggy in the rest of my body and I look ridiculous. If I try the small, my boobs are popping out or making it too tight up top.

And oh, the joys of bathing suit shopping. You’d think it’d be easy, but no. Forget string bikinis, no way will my boobs stay in those. So I have to find the bikinis with the thicker straps, which normally have clips. But in order for the cups to fit my boobs, I have to buy them in medium or large, which means the band is too big for my ribs. So then I have to literally go to the tailor and get my bathing suits hemmed to fit me. It’s ridiculous.

So this is my Dear America – Please, if youre going to pressure girls to be skinny and big breasted – at least make clothes for us!


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sweat pants to class

wearing sweat pants to class – a do or do not?

i can’t lie, when i was a freshman, i wore sweats alll the time to my 8am journalism class. it was cold and disgusting out, i crawled out of bed at 7;46 to be there by 8, and i looked like a hot mess on a regular basis. this semester, i have another 8 am, and there are plenty of people, girls and guys, that show up to class in their sweats. in fact, yesterday i noticed a guy and a girl rockin’ the same pair of red northeastern huskies sweats.¬†embarrassing? slightly?

i make an effort to look decent on tuesdays and fridays for my 8 am, maybe because i have class straight from 8am until 1;30pm, but also because i dont feel like showing up to three classes looking like a total slob. for me, it’s just as easy to throw on a pair of jeans a vneck and a cute patterned scarf with my hoops than it is to wear baggy sweats, uggs and a sweatshirt. i will admit that on the day after i came back from the ER, i wore my yoga pants and baggy hanes mens tshirt to class, looking like ass. but i had just spent 8 hours in the hospital, so i think i had a legitimate excuse.

the sweatshirt is another thing that a lot of people wear that while i used to rock, i just cant anymore. i had tons of group sweatshirts in high school – i was in leadership, i was a peer helper and i was in charge of the school newspaper. i had group sweatshirts spilling out of my closet [in fact, i think they still are, which my mother keeps whining at me to throw out]. i have a turquoise northeastern sweatshirt that i love but never wear because even though its a small its still huge and baggy on me, and i have my old ‘might morphin peer helpers’ sweatshirt which i love but never think to wear. its just my preference these days to throw on a beater and a cardigan. i do have two sweatshirts that i wear on occasion – one is a thinner red northeastern pull over that i really like, and the other is a grey pullover from american eagle with thin white and dark purple stripes. even still, i cant remember the last time i wore either of them.

there are definitely girls who show up to class wearing cute PINK sweats and plain tops, with their hair pulled back and a headband on that don’t look too sloppy. but at the same time, if you put the effort into looking good in your sweats, how much harder is it to wear those same sneakers with your jeans? and i totally understand the comfort thing, i guess im just comfortable in my jeans.


i have to admit, i love these. not sure i’d be motivated to pay $34.50 on them, but dont get me wrong – i love sweats and yoga pants in general. in fact, i am wearing my boyfriends old aeropostale sweats that no longer fit him, and they are the comfiest things in the whole world.

of course when i selected these on the site, victoria secret sent me right to this:


i would probably want to puke if i saw somebody wearing both of these at the same time, and this hoodie is $34.50, but theres no doubt that i could see myself wearing this with layered green and pink tank tops and jeans. i might like it better in this color…¬†


i also came across these…

vs-sweats-6950for $69.50, you can get bling on your sweats. im dead serious.

picture-2i feel like this pair is more like the standard every day pair of PINK sweats that most girls own. i dont like the splatter on the side, but the peace sign at the bottom is super cute. i have a light pink pair that say PINK across the butt in dark pink letters. my best friend got them for me for hannukah a few years ago, and even though i think theyre super cute, i never wear em because the elastic at the bottom makes them uncomfortable to sleep in, and i never wear sweats outside my apartment. maybe ill pull em out of my drawer and wear them around the apartment more often.

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