Rachel’s back! (& a bag re-fashioning)

Hello fashionistas! I know, it’s been months. I’m terrible, and I apologize. But I am proud to announce that now that it’s 2011 I’ve got 5 new resolutions I’m determined to keep, and number one on that list is blogging more. So here I am, to do just that!

My first very exciting announcement is that I’m now writing regularly for Her Campus, an amazing online magazine dedicated exclusively to young women in college, and I absolutely love it. In addition to being a writer for the national site, I’m helping to run the Northeastern campus branch on campus. I try to write lots of fashion centered pieces, so I’ll be sure to keep you posted on all my stories!

My latest (and first story for the national site!) was about 10 easy style resolutions from the HC staff. Check it out!

In other news, I performed a little surgery on a recent purse purchase that I thought I’d share with all of you.

I’m home in LA for the week, and one of my go-to places when I’m home with my own car and endless time is to hit up the local Target. All my friends know I can spend hours upon hours in this store, from the accessories section to the home decor and womens clothing sections, I really am obsessed. Tons of my favorite items are from Target, and I’m always finding new gems. Anyways, on my recent trip I stumbled upon this Converse brand purse in the clearance section. (Sorry ladies – it’s currently sold out online!)

I’ve been looking for a new black bag, as the one I have and have used for years was slowly falling apart and finally ripped a few weeks ago.

I liked the style, the size was perfect, it had great pockets inside and out, and the price was right at just $20, marked down from $30. However, the one thing I wasn’t sure about was the slightly strange ball chain detailing on three of the straps:

I decided to buy it anyways – knowing that Target is great with returns I figured I could always bring it back if I decided I didn’t really love it. A day later I took the tag off and threw my stuff in it, making the executive decision to take it for a test run. I’d saved the tag just in case, but by then I was pretty convinced I’d keep it.

While in the car that same day (don’t worry, I wasn’t driving!) I realized that the ball chain detailing I wasn’t so fond of wasn’t very well attached to the bag. In fact, it was only sewn on in a few places, and I could easily cut the thread and pull the individual straps off. So that’s exactly what I did! All I needed was a little patience and a pair of sharp scissors and voilla – all fixed!

I am now happy to say I’m totally obsessed with this bag and can’t wait to start using it in Boston. It’s a perfect size for all my stuff and I love the brass hardware but it’s not overwhelmingly heavy or shiny the way some buckles and loops are on bags these days. Score!


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and the bag dilemma continues…

In searching for bags [and blatantly ignoring the piles of work I have due in the next 10 days] I have been on an online search for bags.

Here are my latest discoveries.



This bag is from Forever, and for $35 I’m not sure how I feel about it. I really need a bag that is practical – I need to be able to stick shoes [flats or heels during my commute and uggs or flip flops during the day], a book, my ipod, my makeup case, a water bottle and possibly my lunch into without it looking overly stuffed or stupid. It also needs to have a practical strap, since I’ll be standing and waiting for the bus, the t and the shuttle in a single commute. 

target-23target-23-greyThese hobos are both from target, and their straps are totally ridiculous. How on earth could I fill that bag and expect to carry all that shit on that tiny ass strap? Especially the stupid chain link one of the black bag. I love the patent look of it – so fun for a purse or summer bag, but for $22.99 each – its not even worth it if I want a seriously practical bag.

picture-1This isn’t a great pictures because its from the “make your own” section of the site, but this is the LeSportSac I am considering. The thing with LeSportSac I’ve noticed is that its huge on the west coast and not the east coast, but it really is the basic same concept of Longchamp with a patterned body and canvas straps instead of solid colors and leather straps. LeSportSac bags are significant cheaper – this one retails for $98. They have all sorts of sizes and designs, some of my other favorites are below.

picture-4picture-5These patterns feel more fun – I’m not sure how great and practical they are for a work bag. I’d want to go into the store they have in LA and check it out – which might be a perfect 21st bday present to myself, since I’ll be home that week before. Im more inclined to spend the $100 on a bag with a pattern I truly love and the same practicality as a Longchamp – I cant even find a Longchamp on ebay, craigslist or amazon for more than $20 less than their retail price. With that difference, I’d rather just spend the full amount and get a brand new one.

picture-21And here it is – the Longchamp. It really just doesn’t blow me away. I dont like the way the brown looks with the leather, the black seems too plain, the kiwi green is too bright as is the pink, and I dont like the color of the red enough. Basically, all the arrows point to not getting one, but I’m just too attached to the size/way everything fits so well inside of it.

michael-kors-200This Michael Kors bag is $200, which is a liiittle bit out of the price range [ahha]. I love the buckles on it, but I’m not sure how expandable it is on the sides in terms of getting a significant amount of stuff in it.. 

marc-jacobs-495Of course in an ideal world I would just wander down to Marc Jacobs on Newbury and pick up this bag. For $495 who wouldnt? Oh how I would die for this bag. The color, the simple design, the size. Birthday present hint. Cough Cough.

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