Is spending on the rise?

According to this CNN article, retail sales rose in February, although only by a measly .3 percent. I guess I shouldn’t complain, as a rise in spending is certainly a good sign, and is of course better than the expected decrease in sales. According to the piece, consumer spending accounts for two thirds of America’s economy and “related reports such as retail sales are used to gauge whether a recovery is underway.” Are we slowly pulling out of the slump?

The article cites the change in seasons as an explanation, and a hope, that spending will increase as the temperatures rise and Americans look to refresh their wardrobe for spring and summer.

In looking at my own spending habits, I have to be honest and say they’ve certainly changed since December when I had a regular pay check. Now I’m on a much tighter budget, and rent & groceries have to take priority. My best friends motto is that designer jeans are a much better purchase than food for a week, but my parents probably wouldn’t be happy to hear I was starving myself and out buying Hudsons instead. I’ve definitely bought a few things here or there this semester – Erin and I went shopping when we were in Connecticut, but we had her 40% off coupon to use, and most of the other purchases I’ve made have been straight off the sales rack.

Of course you have to exclude my recent retail therapy binge when I was home last week – I spent way more than I should have and I should probably admit that only a few of the purchases were practical. What can I say, I’m good for the economy?

So here’s a question to you. Yes, you, the approximately 30 of you who somehow (probably accidentally) land on this blog every day. Are you spending less this winter on clothing than you normally do?  Are you buying things on sale instead of at full price? Are you going out shopping less than you were in years past? Are you planning on updating your wardrobe as it becomes warmer out, or will you just be pulling out your spring clothes from last year? Please, do share.


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Giving in to jeggings

Thats it. I’ve done it. I’ve given in. At the outlets with my best friend on Friday, I purchased my first pair of jeggings. And I have to say – I love them.

Lately, I’ve been so sick of jeans. I’m in between sizes where 0’s are just too tight that they’re uncomfortable and 2’s are a bit too loose. I feel like all my jeans give me love handles, and I’m uncomfortable sitting in them for too long in class. All I want is to wear leggings all day every day, but of course, that’s not always realistic with the freezing weather of Boston. I think I’ve found my happy medium.

I discovered the Joe’s brand black “Ponte Ankle Chelsea” jean leggings, which retail for $140. My best friend & I each got a pair for $60 instead, and I really did fall in love with their look and feel. They’re black, so when I wear long shirts with them you cant even tell that they aren’t just really nice, thick leggings. At the same time, I can wear a cropped shirt and feel like I’m wearing jeans, without the horrible feel of jeans. They look great with flats and boots, and I already plan to wear them out when I’m back in the cold.

Anyways, I promise there will be pictures of me in them to come but its spring break, I’m home in LA with Dan & I’ve promised him I’d stay away from this thing, as it dangerously eats up my time. Of course I just had to share my exciting news – I’m sure with Dan by my side there will be plenty of other purchases to report when I return. Have a good rest of your week!

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A perfect day for a walk

Saturday in Boston was absolutely beautiful, a balmy 50 degrees. As a California girl, I never thought I’d say that, but in comparison to the freezing cold of January, it was beautiful out!  It turned out to be a perfect day for a walk down Newbury Street for a bit of shopping with my friend Dan.

Our first stop was Club Monaco, where I found Dan a great black crew neck cashmere sweater on sale for $59 (instead of $120!) and a black crew neck waffle tee for $19. Awesome tip: Club Monaco offers a 20% student discount off all merchandise, which meant Dan scored both tops for $65 – not bad!

I’m currently on the hunt for a new pair of flat black boots. I have a great pair of flat black leather boots that I’ve had for a few years – they’re starting to fade, and they’ve got gold buckles, so I can’t always wear them with everything. My favorite pair of boots right now are flat brown boots from Target, which of course used to come in black. After a look on their website this week, turns out the boots are no longer available, and I’m totally bummed – they’re so cute & comfortable (and cheap!) and would have been perfect. Anyways, we looked in Aldo and Charles David but saw nothing, so we made our way to J Crew, where Dan made out like a bandit, and I applied for a job. I’ve decided a tiny (strange) part of me misses retail, and the manager said they were taking applications and currently in an interview process, so I’m crossing my fingers!

As is probably very obvious, I love to dress people, so I had a blast wandering the store pulling things for Dan to try.

Dan, dressed by me in a purple polo & grey & white stripped jacket

I pulled this stripped hoodie and bright polo for Dan, the combination of which I absolutely love.

He tried on a grey vneck we also liked, but decided wasn’t worth it’s price tag for something so basic, and a marked down blue v neck  sweater that I liked, but Dan decided he wouldn’t wear. With his 15% student discount at J Crew, Dan got two polos, a dark grey long sleeve henley and the stripped zip up for just over $150 – not bad!

Next we headed to Filene’s Basement, where I scored an awesome new purse for $15, a pair of $10 sunglasses and a new umbrella which I desperately needed. At the Marc by Marc Jacobs store I bought myself a new wallet that doubles as a clutch, which I’m absolutely obsessed with – it’s hot pink on the inside!

We wandered to American Eagle next, where I continued to play personal shopper for Dan. He ended up with an awesome outfit:

Dan in Straight leg American Eagle jeans, a checkered shirt & his new shades

He also tried on a pink striped shirt, which we quickly vetoed.

Dan giving a thumbs down for the awkward stripes on this shirt

New jeans, shirt, sunglasses and a few pairs of new boxer briefs in hand, we made our way down Newbury to try our luck at Steve Madden. I found this pair of boots at Steve Madden I thought I liked, but decided looked too scrunched and slightly strange on my feet. Too bad, because I found this pair of awesome purple suede flats that would have been 50% off of their sale price ($15!) had I bought the boots. I’m still thinking about whether the flats are worth their sale price of $30 – maybe I’ll go back for them this week.

Hands full of bags and starving, we headed to Chipotle for dinner – yum!

Our delicious dinner at Chipotle after a long day of shopping!

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