Grammy Style Follow-Up

In light of the live blogging I did last night, I’ve found a number of great photo slide shows from last night’s pre-show & performances. Here is a great slideshow from the New York Times, and another set of photos from the LA Times. Another Wall Street Journal slideshow has a number of photos from inside the awards. My favorite is the fifth image of Taylor Swift, after winning Album of the Year.

Another fun slideshow is one from Billboard that looks at the forty most outrageous Grammy outfits. Always fun to look back on those insane style decisions of our favorite celebs.

Perez Hilton attributes the success in the ratings of the Grammy’s (25.8 million viewers) to Lady Gaga, but I’m not quite sure thats the reason. Maybe people just need a nice upper from all of the terrible recession news we’ve been getting. Either way, critiquing the fashion (especially Gaga’s) is always the best part.


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Live Blogging the Grammy’s

I’ve decided to live blog the 52nd Annual Grammy Awards pre-show red carpet – always the best place to critique the fashion of all our favorite rock stars. I’ve chosen to watch E!’s coverage, mostly because I can’t stand Chris Harrison and didn’t want to watch him on TV Guide. Not that I’m a huge Seacrest fan, but I figured his blabbing was better than Harisson’s.

6:01 – For now, Ryan Seacrest is blabbing on. The only thing I care about is that he’s wearing Burberry.

6:03 – Oh boy, a 360 cam. We get to critique them from all angles!

6:05 – Giuliana Rancic (I have no idea who she is, btw) is kind of tripping on her words. What a terrible interviewer.

6:12 – Pants on the ground? really? This is not Grammy material. I’m glad this is on DVR so I can fast forward.

6:14 – Zac Brown Band. They all need to shave.

6:16 – Mmmm Common. He definitely looks sharp. I wonder what brand he’s wearing – I definitely love the polka dot going on.

6:15 – “Oh yeah, Kanye is one of the most sincere and nice gentlemen I’ve ever met.” First of all, learn to speak proper english. Secondly, Kanye West is a jerk – you can’t possibly try and convince me that he is a good person – no good person would interupt anybody’s acceptance speech – country star or otherwise.

6:23 – I don’t think Kathy Griffin looks that great – her dress isn’t that flattering and her ego is a bit too inflated for my tastes. Calm yourself.

6:24 – Oh good the cleavage conversation. She loves to pitch herself, doesnt she?

6:25 – Brangelina are still together. Oh boy! Apparently, there are tons of rumors because they hadn’t been out in public together lately? Well, thats what happens when you have a million kids. Who knew.

6:30 – Ricky Martin is much better looking than I remember. His scruff is definitely attractive, and I love that jacket on him. Apparently Martin was in Haiti, which I think is really great. He’s discussing journalists coverage of Haiti, and says that his charity is going to help rebuild the country.

6:33 – MGMT look 16 and awkward. Their jackets are heinous  – I am not impressed.

6:38 – Gaga is on the scene! I have not been able to get her & beyonce’s song “telephone” out of my head all weekend – the beats to her songs are just so catchy! Her dress is pretty unbelievable tonight, I’m sure she’ll have 10 other outfits to gawk at. As much as I admire her for making a fashion statement, her dresses often seem unnecessary.

6:40 – Lady Antebellum looks hot! I’m very impressed

6:40 – Gaga’s dress is being called a solar system by Seacrest. Oh dear.

6:45 – I must be seriously out of the loop, but I had NO idea Justin Beiber was so young! Goodness!

6:50 – Sugarland! She is so gorgeous, and I absolutely LOVE her dress!

6:52 – John Legend. Goodness he is gorgeous. I am definitely not a fan of whatever hole-y vest he’s wearing, but his suit is definitely very nice. John, you can cook for me anytime.

6:53  – Katy Perry is up. What on earth is going on with this dress? I am not a fan, at all. And Russell Brand. Can you please close your shirt?

6:55 – T-Pain – he is certainly dressed down tonight. I like the shades, just not at the grammy’s.

6:56 – Lea Michele is gorgeous tonight – I love her dress!

6:58 – Helloooo Usher. What are you wearing? Checkered shirt, polka dot tie, beige three piece suit & giant shades? Noooo thank you.

6:59 – Kaley Cuoco from the Big Bang Theory looks gorgeous, I really wish I could pull off a gorgeous Nicole Miller plunge dress like that. She looks hot.

7:01 – Seal & Heidi Klum. They are such an adorable couple, and Klum is gorgeous, but I am not a fan of her dress tonight. I think she could’ve done much better.

7:03 – Black Eyed Peas – Fergie’s dress is very strange. I don’t really understand that long strappy silver thing?

7:09 – The Fray. Good looking group of guys – I like that they went with a simple shirt/tie/jacket combo. Very classy.

7:10 – Awww Travis Barker has his son with him. He’s so adorable!

7:11 – Keri Hilson’s dress does not fit her properly. Your boobs do not to pop out of the top, goodness. I dont think the Dolche and Gabana dress is anything special.

7:15 – Jennifer Hudson is such a strong, beautiful woman. I’m not a huge fan of her outfit tonight, but I have so much respect for her.

7:21 – Pink’s dress is kind of strange, but I do think it fits her well and is very reperesentative of her style.

7:23 – Mary J. Blidge. What are you wearing? Why did a cat scratch out the top of your dress?

7:24 – Carrie Underwood is so gorgeous. You have to have guts to wear a white dress like that, and she looks so beautiful.

7:28 – Miley Cyrus. Her dress is…  very strange.

7:29 – Nicole Kidman is definitely not my favorite – her Prada dress is gorgeous and very slimming, but I definitely think there are pretty stars.

7:31 – Taylor Swift!! She is so gorgeous, although I’m not a huge fan of her dress, I think she could have done much better. Taylor Swift is definitely beautiful and so down to earth – I’m just kind of obsessed.

7:34 – Beyonce’s dress is… strange? I don’t get it.

7:38 – Definitely glad I have this on DVR and can fast forward through the boring parts – getting ready for the show already!

7:39 – Kesha’s dress is very strange. She explains her style as “Garbage Can Chic” – I am not impressed.

7:40 – Sheryl Crow looks like she’s wearing a sheet. Yuck.

7:44 – Ciara’s outfit is very strange. I don’t get it?

7:50 – Ne-yo is so fly with his top hat. I am very impressed with the all black & white tie look.

7:51 – Rihanna looks like a swan. Hmmm.

7:53 – Colbie Calliat is adorable – I don’t love her dress – it’s kind of a strange color and design and I think she could have done much better.

8:00 – Looks like that’s the end of the red carpet. I’m going to close my computer, grab some dinner & enjoy the rest of the show!

Update: Since I don’t have copyright permission to put any photos from tonight up, be sure to check out the StylePhile blog from They’ve got a bunch of great images & commentary from tonight’s red carpet. Enjoy!

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