and the bag dilemma continues…

In searching for bags [and blatantly ignoring the piles of work I have due in the next 10 days] I have been on an online search for bags.

Here are my latest discoveries.



This bag is from Forever, and for $35 I’m not sure how I feel about it. I really need a bag that is practical – I need to be able to stick shoes [flats or heels during my commute and uggs or flip flops during the day], a book, my ipod, my makeup case, a water bottle and possibly my lunch into without it looking overly stuffed or stupid. It also needs to have a practical strap, since I’ll be standing and waiting for the bus, the t and the shuttle in a single commute. 

target-23target-23-greyThese hobos are both from target, and their straps are totally ridiculous. How on earth could I fill that bag and expect to carry all that shit on that tiny ass strap? Especially the stupid chain link one of the black bag. I love the patent look of it – so fun for a purse or summer bag, but for $22.99 each – its not even worth it if I want a seriously practical bag.

picture-1This isn’t a great pictures because its from the “make your own” section of the site, but this is the LeSportSac I am considering. The thing with LeSportSac I’ve noticed is that its huge on the west coast and not the east coast, but it really is the basic same concept of Longchamp with a patterned body and canvas straps instead of solid colors and leather straps. LeSportSac bags are significant cheaper – this one retails for $98. They have all sorts of sizes and designs, some of my other favorites are below.

picture-4picture-5These patterns feel more fun – I’m not sure how great and practical they are for a work bag. I’d want to go into the store they have in LA and check it out – which might be a perfect 21st bday present to myself, since I’ll be home that week before. Im more inclined to spend the $100 on a bag with a pattern I truly love and the same practicality as a Longchamp – I cant even find a Longchamp on ebay, craigslist or amazon for more than $20 less than their retail price. With that difference, I’d rather just spend the full amount and get a brand new one.

picture-21And here it is – the Longchamp. It really just doesn’t blow me away. I dont like the way the brown looks with the leather, the black seems too plain, the kiwi green is too bright as is the pink, and I dont like the color of the red enough. Basically, all the arrows point to not getting one, but I’m just too attached to the size/way everything fits so well inside of it.

michael-kors-200This Michael Kors bag is $200, which is a liiittle bit out of the price range [ahha]. I love the buckles on it, but I’m not sure how expandable it is on the sides in terms of getting a significant amount of stuff in it.. 

marc-jacobs-495Of course in an ideal world I would just wander down to Marc Jacobs on Newbury and pick up this bag. For $495 who wouldnt? Oh how I would die for this bag. The color, the simple design, the size. Birthday present hint. Cough Cough.


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the longchamp

As I write this, I am beating myself up over my Longchamp dilemma. I’ll start from the beginning.

Last week, I need a practical bag to bring with me to my interview. I didnt want it to clash with my suit, and it needed to be big enough to fit my folder with my clips and my uggs once I took them off and changed into heels. Of course I had a panic attack because none of my nice looking purses have that much space, and they all looked ridiculously bulgy and stupid when I had my clunky Uggs in them. Erin came to the rescue and offered me her Longchamp bag. It’s size seemed overwhelming at first, but it fit everything perfectly. I began to use it for the rest of the week, and fell in love with it’s size. It never was too heavy on my shoulder, and seemed like such a practical bag.

Not going to lie – when I got to the east coast and saw all these girls carrying around this plasticy looking bag, I thought it was a pretty hideous trend. I still dont think the bag is that cute – especially not for the $145 that they want to rip out of my wallet. None of the colors really do it for me, and its so… ordinary. But it’d be the perfect co-op commute bag, I could keep my heels or flats in there while I went to work in Uggs or flip flops, and I could probably even stick a bagged lunch in there as well. 

So in a desperate attempt to avoid a Longchamp, I am now in search of the perfect co-op bag. I’ll let you know how the search goes, or if I give into the temptation. I keep searching amazon and ebay for cheaper ones, but the color issue is still there – I guess I’d just go for black? Ohh, dilemmas.

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