Rachel’s back! (& a bag re-fashioning)

Hello fashionistas! I know, it’s been months. I’m terrible, and I apologize. But I am proud to announce that now that it’s 2011 I’ve got 5 new resolutions I’m determined to keep, and number one on that list is blogging more. So here I am, to do just that!

My first very exciting announcement is that I’m now writing regularly for Her Campus, an amazing online magazine dedicated exclusively to young women in college, and I absolutely love it. In addition to being a writer for the national site, I’m helping to run the Northeastern campus branch on campus. I try to write lots of fashion centered pieces, so I’ll be sure to keep you posted on all my stories!

My latest (and first story for the national site!) was about 10 easy style resolutions from the HC staff. Check it out!

In other news, I performed a little surgery on a recent purse purchase that I thought I’d share with all of you.

I’m home in LA for the week, and one of my go-to places when I’m home with my own car and endless time is to hit up the local Target. All my friends know I can spend hours upon hours in this store, from the accessories section to the home decor and womens clothing sections, I really am obsessed. Tons of my favorite items are from Target, and I’m always finding new gems. Anyways, on my recent trip I stumbled upon this Converse brand purse in the clearance section. (Sorry ladies – it’s currently sold out online!)

I’ve been looking for a new black bag, as the one I have and have used for years was slowly falling apart and finally ripped a few weeks ago.

I liked the style, the size was perfect, it had great pockets inside and out, and the price was right at just $20, marked down from $30. However, the one thing I wasn’t sure about was the slightly strange ball chain detailing on three of the straps:

I decided to buy it anyways – knowing that Target is great with returns I figured I could always bring it back if I decided I didn’t really love it. A day later I took the tag off and threw my stuff in it, making the executive decision to take it for a test run. I’d saved the tag just in case, but by then I was pretty convinced I’d keep it.

While in the car that same day (don’t worry, I wasn’t driving!) I realized that the ball chain detailing I wasn’t so fond of wasn’t very well attached to the bag. In fact, it was only sewn on in a few places, and I could easily cut the thread and pull the individual straps off. So that’s exactly what I did! All I needed was a little patience and a pair of sharp scissors and voilla – all fixed!

I am now happy to say I’m totally obsessed with this bag and can’t wait to start using it in Boston. It’s a perfect size for all my stuff and I love the brass hardware but it’s not overwhelmingly heavy or shiny the way some buckles and loops are on bags these days. Score!


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Fashion in the twit-o-sphere

For class this week, we’re doing a unit on Twitter, and have been assigned to find and follow 10 twitter users related to our blog beat. Although I’ve been on twitter for quite some time, I realized in beginning this assignment that I don’t follow very many people or organizations that are fashion related.

In searching Listorious for “fashion” and “boston fashion” I stumbled across a list of Boston Fashion Bloggers put together by twitter user DameVintage. Lists on twitter are simple – they allow users to organize the people they follow into categories. For example, I have a “news” list, a “northeastern” list and now, a newly created “fashion” list.

I’ve chosen to follow a variety of fashion-related twitters.

I found Sarah McManus, aka BostonStylista, who was once assistant fashion editor for Boston Magazine and has since opened her own style consultation business. McManus tweets about a variety of things – she promotes her anyweargirl.com blog posts, tweets with other stylistas, including RobertVerdi, about their favorite spring trends, and retweets other interesting blog posts she comes across.

I discovered Kara thebostonista, who writes the fashion blog thebostonista.com. Kara is great to follow – her twitter is much more personal, and she makes comments and asks questions in addition to plugging her blog posts.

I’ve also chosen to follow cutblog, the fashion blog for New York Magazine. While cutblog mostly tweets about blog posts on their own site, they also engage in some conversation and will occasionally retweet. My favorite is the retweet of this great twitpic, posted originally twitter user fashionrat, of gingerbread men wearing outfits from Lady Gaga’s Telephone music video. The image later made it into a Huffington Post update!

I also found Forever21, fashionboston, shopsecret, and nytimesstyle.

After writing my post about oohilove, I’ve been following them on twitter. I had also been following GlobeFashion and nytimesfashion, but both simply post links to articles on their sites instead of engaging in any conversation, which isn’t very exciting.

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Boston Globe Interview!

This morning I got out of bed, showered & instead of throwing on jeans or leggings, I put on my suit for my last first co-op interview. I know, that wording was confusing. I’ll back track. Here at Northeastern, we alternate periods of 6 month internship and regular semesters. I’ve already completed two co-ops, and I will be doing a third, and final, co-op starting in July. Today I had my first interview with the Boston Globe – a position that you could easily say is a dream job.

I’d be working in one of the Globe’s bi-weekly regional sections, either South, North or West of Boston, as a full time writer – pitching pieces, covering meetings, helping other reporters and editors in the office. The position is absolutely ideal for me – I’d be writing for a huge corporation, but I’d be able to publish content online and utilize my technology skills from Tech Target (my last co-op) and at the same time be able to work in a small newsroom that focuses on a smaller community, which is what I really loved about my first co-op at Bay Windows & South End News.

Dressed up & ready to go for my Boston Globe Interview!

So why am I telling you all this? Well of course, it ties into fashion. I wanted to share my outfit this morning with you, so I snapped a quick photo in my mirror. The quality isn’t fabulous, unfortunately my roommate was already at class otherwise I would have had her do it.

I bought this pencil suit skirt from Express for $24 on sale, and the red button down also at Express for $12, also on sale. The suit jacket is from Ann Taylor, which I scored at the outlet for just $50. All in all, not a bad look for less than $100!

I’ll be sure to keep you posted on the process, but for now I think the interview went really well! The woman I spoke with assured me that I’d definitely be pushed through for a second round interview at the beginning of April, so until then it’s just a waiting game. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

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Q&A with Lena Kremenchugsky

Lena Kremenchugsky is a third year Speech Pathology major at Northeastern University. Originally from Bergen County in Northern New Jersey, Lena has been living in Boston for the last three years. She took the time to sit down with me and talk about her own fashion ideas and icons, which have always been her passions. Listen to the audio clip of my Q&A with Lena here.

Lena’s favorite outfit is her white, black, orange and pink Lily Pulitzer patterned dress, a gold J Crew belt and Urban Outfitter flats, paired with gold jewelry and fun Forever 21 sunglasses.

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