Rejection, relief and more waiting

My official J Crew rejection letter

This morning, I awoke to a flat, hand addressed envelope from J Crew in my mailbox. I knew immediately that they were rejecting me, and wasn’t even going to bother opening the letter until later. Instead, my curious roommate Lyndsey ripped open the envelope and read the letter out loud. I was bummed, but eventually we both started laughing at how ridiculous the letter sounded. I wondered why the manager didn’t just call me directly, and why the company needed to send me an official rejection letter.

But to be honest, I was pretty relieved to get the letter. There are a multitude of reasons why, but the biggest is that over the past two weeks, I’ve been planning a cross-country road trip with my friend Alex. Once I’m done with classes at the end of April, I have all of May & June off with nothing to do. Alex finishes finals at UPenn the first week of May, and has a month off before he starts a summer internship in Los Angeles.

The plans for my road trip with Alex this summer!

We’ve been hypothetically plotting this trip for a few years, but now we both have the time off to actually make it happen. Alex’s mom offered to let us drive her car, so we would start the trip in LA and end in Boston. I can’t stop thinking about the trip, and I’ve spent hours making maps, googling cities and adding to the¬†itinerary and budget sheet Alex and I have created.

So what does this have to do with J Crew? If they had offered me the job, I would have been tempted to take it, meaning I would be forced to be in Boston all of May & June to work. While my bank account would be much happier with me making money (although lets be honest, I’d probably spend my whole pay check on their clothes anyways) rather than spending it, just the idea of my road trip dream going out the window makes me cringe. Really, the rejection is a good thing, especially since once I start a full time co-op in July I’m not going to want to be working retail on the weekends. I am bummed, because J Crew seems like an awesome company to work for, but I think my stint in retail is over, at least for now.

On the topic of jobs, I got a very disappointing email from my co-op advisor today, saying that the Globe won’t be making calls about second interviews until the end of next week. On that front, the waiting game continues.


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Boston Globe Interview!

This morning I got out of bed, showered & instead of throwing on jeans or leggings, I put on my suit for my last first co-op interview. I know, that wording was confusing. I’ll back track. Here at Northeastern, we alternate periods of 6 month internship and regular semesters. I’ve already completed two co-ops, and I will be doing a third, and final, co-op starting in July. Today I had my first interview with the Boston Globe – a position that you could easily say is a dream job.

I’d be working in one of the Globe’s bi-weekly regional sections, either South, North or West of Boston, as a full time writer – pitching pieces, covering meetings, helping other reporters and editors in the office. The position is absolutely ideal for me – I’d be writing for a huge corporation, but I’d be able to publish content online and utilize my technology skills from Tech Target (my last co-op) and at the same time be able to work in a small newsroom that focuses on a smaller community, which is what I really loved about my first co-op at Bay Windows & South End News.

Dressed up & ready to go for my Boston Globe Interview!

So why am I telling you all this? Well of course, it ties into fashion. I wanted to share my outfit this morning with you, so I snapped a quick photo in my mirror. The quality isn’t fabulous, unfortunately my roommate was already at class otherwise I would have had her do it.

I bought this pencil suit skirt from Express for $24 on sale, and the red button down also at Express for $12, also on sale. The suit jacket is from Ann Taylor, which I scored at the outlet for just $50. All in all, not a bad look for less than $100!

I’ll be sure to keep you posted on the process, but for now I think the interview went really well! The woman I spoke with assured me that I’d definitely be pushed through for a second round interview at the beginning of April, so until then it’s just a waiting game. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

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does a bad economy lead to lazy fashion?

My professor pointed me towards this Boston Globe article, which touches upon the impact of the economy on today’s fashion trends. After reading it, part of me completely agrees, while another part of me really disagrees with what they had to say. Part of it may be my upbringing, and my attitude towards trivial things like dying my hair and getting botox. A prime example is my mom, who has gorgeous long hair that falls to the middle of her back. Her head is half grey and she refuses to die it – saying that every grey hair is living proof that she survived raising two teenagers. She never dyed her hair growing up and I was never allowed to dye mine as a teen. When all the girls were getting streaks and highlights, I called my hair poop brown. In retrospect, I’m thrilled with my mom for not letting me destroy my hair – every time I get my hair cut my hair dresser marvels at how gorgeous and natural my hair is. Granted its full of split ends now, but thats a whole different story. I did, however, grow up going with my mom to the nail salon every once in a while. Since I was 10 and insisted on getting 10 different colors, one on every nail, I have evolved to having a variety of classic shades on my fingers and toes. At the same time, as a broke college student, I never go to the nail salon in Boston – the only time I ever go is when I’m home and Mom is in the mood to treat me. I can tell that the lady doing my toes is disgusted by the polish that has been on since the last time I was home three months ago.

The fact of the matter is – I cant afford to be shopping right now. My roommate just ordered a huge amount of stuff on American Eagle’s website simply because her mom had a 40% off coupon that was expiring the next day. People cant afford to be getting new stuff, but I dont think that’s a good excuse to drag out the sweat pants. There are plenty of fun ways to dress up basic items – I wear the same 6 american eagle beaters under every single sweater I own – they’re pill-y and falling apart but they do the job just fine. I rock the same gold bangles from forever 21 and the same long gold beaded necklace from target and nobody judges me – I can still put myself together and look cute even if I cant afford to be constantly buying new items to spice up my wardrobe. [That isnt to ignore the fact that I have no self control and go buy trench jackets and scarves at forever 21 when I shouldnt be, but still].

I think its a good thing that girls aren’t going out to the tanning beds, waxing places and hair salons as much – all of that stuff always seemed trivial and unnecessary to me. It’s just as easy for me to do a slightly sloppy but decent job on my own nails before an interview than it is to pay 30$ to go get a mani-pedi on a regular basis – I somehow doubt that the Boston Globe won’t hire me just because I did my own nails the night before and dont have the latest streaks or highlights in my hair.

I think I’ve also always stuck with the basics – solid american apparel v necks, basic bra camis from express and american eagle, simple denim without rips and execessive stitching, that can be paired with different items over and over again. And that comment from the girl with her hoops – I wear my hoop earrings every single day and I dont think thats lazy or boring at all. Theyre simple, classic and match everything I wear… so why not?

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