Summer interview attire

I’m baaack! I hope you guys all got a chance to check out my travel blog while I was on my road trip – I had an incredible two weeks, and I’m so glad I had such an amazing opportunity to explore the United States.

Being back in Boston is wonderful – it’s finally summer in beantown, I missed my roommate and all my friends, and it’s wonderful to not be living out of a suitcase and wearing wrinkled clothes! Of course being home also means being thrown back into reality – I’m once again interviewing and applying for jobs and internships, which can definitely be a nerve-wracking process. And now that it’s summer all of us job-seeking young women are faced with one important question: what do you wear to a job interview when it’s 90 degrees and humid outside?

Remaining professional is incredibly important, but not sweating to death through your suit before you even get to the interview is also important. After successfully (at least I hope!) dressing the part to both of my interviews, I decided to write about what I learned.

On Tuesday it was 92 degrees and incredibly humid – the type of heat that just standing outside in makes you sweaty and uncomfortable.  I contemplated a number of outfits, including pairing a blazer with a short sleeve Forever 21 dress and wearing grey suit pants with a short sleeve button down. Instead, I ended up choosing one of my favorite Banana Republic dresses – a classic, sleeveless beige shell that is knee length and form fitting but not too tight. I paired the dress with a skinny black patent belt, my white pearl necklace and earrings and pulled my hair up in a tight, neat bun. I wore flip flops on my commute but once I got off the train I slipped on my black pumps and a three quarter sleeve black cardigan. Even though I was a bit sweaty by the time I got there, I think the outfit worked well. I was worried about not being in classic “suit” attire with slacks or a skirt and a blazer, but I figured in the sweltering heat my interviewer would understand, especially since I still felt incredibly professional and put together in my outfit.

It was much cooler today and I had rented a zipcar to drive to my interview, so I wore a white tank top underneath a black blazer and my favorite skirt from Express, a high wasted pencil skirt with a small black and white checkered pattern. I pulled my hair back and wore my other pearl strand which alternates white pearls with small sections of silver chain, and my pearl stud earrings. I kept the blazer off and hanging in the back seat until just before I entered the building, and was able to stay cool by blasting the air conditioning during my drive.

While I was trying to figure out what to wear, I tweeted about my dilemma. A few of my friends made some great suggestions, many of which I hadn’t thought of myself. Danielle suggested a wrap dress, which would have been excellent had I owned a good one – I need to remember to invest in some of those! Marrisa reminded me to wear dark colors so that if I did end up sweating it wouldn’t show through too much, and Catherine emphasized the importance of layers.

Dresses and skirts can be great in the heat as long as they are paired well and don’t show too much skin or cleavage. Bringing a jacket or cardigan that you can carry and then slip on right before the interview is a good idea, and if you have a big enough purse, bringing a mirror, some cover up and deodorant to reapply right before you get into the building can be a great way to touch up and feel fresh before you meet with your potential employer. Do you guys have any other good suggestions?


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Road trip hiatus!

A rough map of where I'll be road tripping this month!

So the semester is officially over, and I’m out of Boston and back in Los Angeles. I wanted to let my readers know that I’ll be taking a bit of a hiatus for the rest of the month. I mentioned this earlier in the year, but starting this Sunday, my friend Alex & I will be spending the next few weeks driving across the country. I’ve started another, separate blog to document our travels, where I’ll be writing about our day to day experience and posting pictures, so be sure to check that out! In the mean time, enjoy the month & I promise I’ll be back in June with lots of fashion posts!

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