Making ourselves marketable

Today, Dan Gregory, faculty advisor at Northeastern’s School of Technological Entrepreneurship, came to speak with us about entrepreneurship. In 2001, Gregory’s company fell apart, and he began a consulting business to help clients launch new start up companies.

He spoke with us about gaining marketable skills and his work with students in helping them create ideas and begin start up companies. As he was addressing a room full of journalism students, he had us mention skills we have gained that may make us good employees in the future. As journalists, we write well, gather information, write and produce on deadline, communicate clearly, have a range of social and multimedia skills and as a whole, have the ability to know what kinds of questions to ask, and when.

Making yourself marketable isn’t something that’s easy. Here at Northeastern, we’re the step above, as we have the co-op program and strong resumes to back up our skills once we graduate. As we speak, I am in the middle of my co-op search, and am learning how to represent myself. I am surrounded by people, both at Northeastern and across the country, struggling with the same question – how do we market ourselves?

As a soon to be senior, I’m definitely starting to worry about where the future will take me. I know that I have great skills, but how can I apply those skills to something I really love? This fashion blog has been a wonderful outlet for that – being able to write about something I love (and am probably too opinionated about) has been great. The problem in my mind is that everyone has a fashion blog, and everyone can be opinionated, and now, absolutely everyone can create a blog. So how do I set myself apart, especially in an incredibly competitive industry, like fashion writing?

I guess that’s something I’m still grappling with. If you have any ideas, feel free to send them my way. In the mean time, I’m still crossing my fingers for my dream job working for the Regionals at the Boston Globe. Ah, the waiting game.


April 14, 2010. Uncategorized.

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