Jeans for sale!

So this is kind of shameless plugging, but I recently went through my denim collection and had a sad realization that I am no longer a size zero, meaning that half of my jeans no longer fit me. I’ve got a ton of great denim that I have to get rid of, but it seems a shame to dump it all in a goodwill bag. Instead, I’m hoping to try and sell some of the pairs! I’ve never sold clothing over the internet, so I’m curious as to how successful this will be. So far, I’ve listed 8 pairs on craigslist, and I’m hoping some interested girls will contact me!

I’ve got 4 pairs of AE jeans, two skinny styles & two bootcut/flare styles, all in size 0.

I have two pairs of Lucky Brand jeans, both bootcut styles, one in size 0/25 and another in size 4/27.

And the best for last, I have a pair of dark bootcut Hudson jeans & a pair of dark straight True Religion jeans, both in size 0/25.

Please email me if you are interested at I’d be happy to send you extra pictures of any detailing on the jeans, and have people come over and try some of the pairs on. Prices for each pair are listed on the ads, but I may be willing to knock down the cost if you say you’re a loyal blog reader 😉 Be sure to pass the word on if you know anybody who may be interested!


March 26, 2010. Uncategorized.


  1. pamelalauren replied:

    I don’t know if this is still going on, but for a while at the GAP you could donate your old jeans and get 30% off new ones. They do it about once a year!


  2. Rachel replied:

    I actually saw a sign for that promotion, but I can never find gap jeans that actually fit me 😦 thanks for the suggestion though!

  3. Chelsea replied:

    Hi! Are the jeans still for sale? I’m looking for some in good quality without the normal huge price tag of a brand new pair. Please let me know which are still available and prices!

  4. Rachel replied:

    Hi Chelsea –
    These jeans are definitely still available! email me ( directly so we can talk! 🙂

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