Final project proposal

For my final multimedia project, I plan on profiling three Boston fashion bloggers who have used their blogs to explore their love for style and fashion.

I’d like to sit down with these bloggers and speak with them about how they got started blogging and what inspires them to write. I’d like to ask how long they’ve been blogging, how many hits their blogs receive a day, if they make any profit or  if their blog has led to other writing or fashion opportunities. I’d like to ask if they consider blogging part of their career or just their hobby, and what the most rewarding thing about keeping a their blog has been. I’d also like to ask if they utilize any social media, and if they feel it has helped get the word out about their blog.

So far, I have been in touch with Sarah MacManus ( and she has agreed to let me interview her for my project. I have also emailed Kara Weymouth ( and Martini ( in hopes that they will speak with me as well.

I’m hoping to interview all three women on camera, at the very least recording the audio of our conversations. In addition, I’d like to photograph them to profile their personal style, and how that reflects the writing on their blog.


March 21, 2010. Class Posts.

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