A new way to update your shoe collection…

Today I ran across a recent New York Times Article about a South Korean man who has a new way of updating his closet: he steals other peoples designer shoes. In South Korea, it is customary for people to remove their shoes before entering a building. The suspect, identified as a man in his fifties by the name of Park, is said to have stolen multiple pairs of shoes a day by visiting funeral homes wearing cheap shoes, taking them off and leaving wearing someone else’s fancy footwear.

The police hit a few road blocks – one in trying to prove it was indeed Park who stole the shoes, and another in attempting to return the 1700 pairs of shoes they recovered.

Finally, the police came up with what they called the “Cinderella solution.”

For four days last month, they spread out Mr. Park’s footwear on an outdoor basketball court and let anyone who claimed to have lost shoes drop by and try them on — all 1,700 pairs, if they liked. But before doing that, a claimant was required to write down his or her shoe size, design, color and brand to limit the chances of a person’s taking someone else’s pair.

About 400 people showed up, but only 95 found their shoes.

The police said there was a decent chance that Mr. Park would eventually keep most of those unclaimed shoes.

“But we hope our crackdown will scare away shoe snatchers for a while,” Detective Kim said.

A word to the wise: if you want designer shoes, try ebay instead.


March 9, 2010. Tags: , , . Fashion News.

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