Giving in to jeggings

Thats it. I’ve done it. I’ve given in. At the outlets with my best friend on Friday, I purchased my first pair of jeggings. And I have to say – I love them.

Lately, I’ve been so sick of jeans. I’m in between sizes where 0’s are just too tight that they’re uncomfortable and 2’s are a bit too loose. I feel like all my jeans give me love handles, and I’m uncomfortable sitting in them for too long in class. All I want is to wear leggings all day every day, but of course, that’s not always realistic with the freezing weather of Boston. I think I’ve found my happy medium.

I discovered the Joe’s brand black “Ponte Ankle Chelsea” jean leggings, which retail for $140. My best friend & I each got a pair for $60 instead, and I really did fall in love with their look and feel. They’re black, so when I wear long shirts with them you cant even tell that they aren’t just really nice, thick leggings. At the same time, I can wear a cropped shirt and feel like I’m wearing jeans, without the horrible feel of jeans. They look great with flats and boots, and I already plan to wear them out when I’m back in the cold.

Anyways, I promise there will be pictures of me in them to come but its spring break, I’m home in LA with Dan & I’ve promised him I’d stay away from this thing, as it dangerously eats up my time. Of course I just had to share my exciting news – I’m sure with Dan by my side there will be plenty of other purchases to report when I return. Have a good rest of your week!


March 3, 2010. Tags: , , , . Fashion.

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