As part of our Reinventing class, we are required to do a presentation on any website we use and/or read regularly and would be interesting to share with the class. I chose to do my presentation on BostonTweet, run by a local man named Tom O’Keefe. O’Keefe posts constant updates about what’s going on in Boston. He often takes advantage of the TwitPic & TwitVid sites that allow users to post video and picture directly from their phones or computers.

The site truly epitomizes the beauty of social networking. Anything you want to know about things going on in Boston – restaurant openings, bar specials, schools being closed for snow days – is up on his feed. Lots of times, twitter users will “@” him to ask questions, many times he’ll respond. He creates “conversations” asking users what their ideas are – today’s conversation revolves around things to do on a rainy day. He can do this by using an entirely different website,, which automatically uploads everyone who “@”s him.

Another great feature of O’Keefe’s site is that he has created lists of Boston news, bars & restaurants, and music that you can follow as well – these allow you to find even more information posted to the numerous feeds O’Keefe has found directly related to Boston.

If you’re a twitter user I’d definitely recommend following him!


February 24, 2010. Tags: , , . Class Posts.

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  1. Who to follow on Twitter? « Red Sunglasses replied:

    […] For a great blog post by my friend Rachel on Boston Tweet, read here. But in a nutshell, BostonTweet is this guy who tweets all day long about stuff going on in Boston. […]

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