Rihanna’s fashion

Rihanna, at a performance in the UK. Photo Credits to Flickr user MiKeARB

I have long been a fan of Rihanna’s music, and her new single, Rude Boy, is one of my new favorite songs. I haven’t paid much attention to her otherwise, but recently her bold, edgy fashion sense has caught my eye.

Some people, like this recent BumpShack post about Rihanherna’s Pre-Grammy party outfit, heavily criticize her fashion sense. Others, like RihannaDaily.com, have dedicated an entire style page to Rihanna’s fashion choices that enables readers to imitate her outfits.

In searching for images of Rihanna’s fashion, I stumbled upon this great photo compilation on FabSugar that documents her change in style throughout the last four years.

There are a number of her fashion choices that I find slightly… questionable, this recent suit being one of them. Most of her outfits seem very runway inspired, as shown in RihanaDaily’s style page. Personally, I could never pull off her look, nor would I want to. But sometimes, admiring a celebrity’s bold fashion choices doesn’t necessarily mean you have to wholly imitate them.

However, taking pieces from their collections, like these awesome green jean leggings or a summery polka dot dress & belt duo, is always a great way to pick and choose what inspires you.


February 17, 2010. Tags: , . Fashion.

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