Revisiting the flannel trend

Recently, I was reading through some of my older blog entries when I stumbled upon a post I wrote in March of last year about the up and coming flannel trend. A year later, I have grown much more accustomed to the look, and figured I’d share my thoughts.

Me, wearing one of the "flannel" shirts that I own before heading out to the bars with friends.

I can now say that I own three “flannel” style tops, although I don’t exactly picture myself wearing them with cowboy boots out on the farm. While I am a huge fan of over-sized shirts and leggings, I’ve decided to keep my checkered shirt collection shorter to wear with jeans.

The shirt pictured to the right I bought at New York & Co on Black Friday last year. You can’t really tell in the picture, but it has a few frills near the top buttons and thin silver stripes. Not only was it incredibly on sale, but I decided I liked the fit and would be able to wear it both to class and out with friends.

When I was home in LA over winter break, I got a multicolored checkered shirt from Target that I absolutely love. It was $15 and the bright, fun colors are right up my alley.

Yesterday, Erin and I did some retail therapy damage at Forever 21, American Eagle and H&M. We found these great checkered tops at American Eagle. They were marked down in the store to $19.95, and we had an additional 40% off coupon which meant we got them for $12 each. Erin got the blue one, and I decided to go for the green. The colors are more Spring like, but the material is soft and comfy, and will be a nice bright top to pair with dark jeans.

I think the trick is finding a pattern that isn’t too traditional (I’d suggest avoidng red and black checkers) and can be worn with a solid tank top underneath. Finding the right size is also key: make sure that it fits well but isn’t too tight or too loose. Adding a girly touch, like the silver stripe or the frills near the buttons, can also benefit the look.

So there you have it – I’ve officially been converted. Of course now that I’ve warmed up to the trend, I’m sure it will be on the “that is so last year” list.


February 14, 2010. Fashion.

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