Northeastern Student Fashion

As college students, we are often tempted to roll out of bed ten minutes before class, throw on sweatpants and a sweatshirt and be on our way. As a young woman who appreciates fashion and takes pride in my outfit each day, I love seeing other young college students at Northeastern who put together fashionable looks.

The three c’s – cute, comfy & cheap!

Elise Kim, a fourth year Pharmacy student at Northeastern, knows that she can stay on a college budget but still look great. She labels her style as cute and comfortable, and prides herself on always finding inexpensive items that fit her well.

Elise in her birthday outfit! Click the image for more pictures of Elise getting ready, Kinesha's co-op outfit and Daniel's closet.

On a recent night out for her birthday, Elise dressed in jeans, a Zara top and flat black boots. She added gold bangles, which a friend bought for her in Pakistan, and a gold chain she got from H&M. She estimates that although her boots were a bit more ($95 at Aldo) the rest of her outfit cost less than $50 combined.

The co-op edge

Northeastern students are unique because of their co-op experiences, and that can stretch into their fashion world as well. Instead of throwing on jeans every day, Kinesha Goldson, a fourth year Communication Studies student, has to wear business casual every day to her co-op at the Visitors Center.

Kinesha considers her sense of style an embellished, but classic look. On the day I spoke with her, both her skirt & top were from Ann Taylor Loft.

“I sound old, but they have great work clothes,” she explained. “I feel like their store has a mature chic style. I don’t feel frumpy wearing their things.”

A full closet

Daniel Davis, a fourth year Business student a Northeastern who just spent eight months abroad in France and Italy, considers himself a well put together student who enjoys getting dressed in the morning. His fashion philosophy is to put together well made, well fitted looks that work from head to toe

“I am inspired to dress well because it makes me feel good. If I know I look good I feel like I can accomplish anything that comes my way,” he explains. “It is one less thing to worry about.”

Daniel owns an incredible amount of clothing – his entire room is dedicated to his extensive wardrobe and shoe collection, and many of the items in his closet are bright, neon colors. His favorite item is his neon-blue fitted puffy coat that he bought at Celio* in Lisbon, Portugal. For Daniel, it’s all about standing out and being unique.


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