Live Blogging the Grammy’s

I’ve decided to live blog the 52nd Annual Grammy Awards pre-show red carpet – always the best place to critique the fashion of all our favorite rock stars. I’ve chosen to watch E!’s coverage, mostly because I can’t stand Chris Harrison and didn’t want to watch him on TV Guide. Not that I’m a huge Seacrest fan, but I figured his blabbing was better than Harisson’s.

6:01 – For now, Ryan Seacrest is blabbing on. The only thing I care about is that he’s wearing Burberry.

6:03 – Oh boy, a 360 cam. We get to critique them from all angles!

6:05 – Giuliana Rancic (I have no idea who she is, btw) is kind of tripping on her words. What a terrible interviewer.

6:12 – Pants on the ground? really? This is not Grammy material. I’m glad this is on DVR so I can fast forward.

6:14 – Zac Brown Band. They all need to shave.

6:16 – Mmmm Common. He definitely looks sharp. I wonder what brand he’s wearing – I definitely love the polka dot going on.

6:15 – “Oh yeah, Kanye is one of the most sincere and nice gentlemen I’ve ever met.” First of all, learn to speak proper english. Secondly, Kanye West is a jerk – you can’t possibly try and convince me that he is a good person – no good person would interupt anybody’s acceptance speech – country star or otherwise.

6:23 – I don’t think Kathy Griffin looks that great – her dress isn’t that flattering and her ego is a bit too inflated for my tastes. Calm yourself.

6:24 – Oh good the cleavage conversation. She loves to pitch herself, doesnt she?

6:25 – Brangelina are still together. Oh boy! Apparently, there are tons of rumors because they hadn’t been out in public together lately? Well, thats what happens when you have a million kids. Who knew.

6:30 – Ricky Martin is much better looking than I remember. His scruff is definitely attractive, and I love that jacket on him. Apparently Martin was in Haiti, which I think is really great. He’s discussing journalists coverage of Haiti, and says that his charity is going to help rebuild the country.

6:33 – MGMT look 16 and awkward. Their jackets are heinous  – I am not impressed.

6:38 – Gaga is on the scene! I have not been able to get her & beyonce’s song “telephone” out of my head all weekend – the beats to her songs are just so catchy! Her dress is pretty unbelievable tonight, I’m sure she’ll have 10 other outfits to gawk at. As much as I admire her for making a fashion statement, her dresses often seem unnecessary.

6:40 – Lady Antebellum looks hot! I’m very impressed

6:40 – Gaga’s dress is being called a solar system by Seacrest. Oh dear.

6:45 – I must be seriously out of the loop, but I had NO idea Justin Beiber was so young! Goodness!

6:50 – Sugarland! She is so gorgeous, and I absolutely LOVE her dress!

6:52 – John Legend. Goodness he is gorgeous. I am definitely not a fan of whatever hole-y vest he’s wearing, but his suit is definitely very nice. John, you can cook for me anytime.

6:53  – Katy Perry is up. What on earth is going on with this dress? I am not a fan, at all. And Russell Brand. Can you please close your shirt?

6:55 – T-Pain – he is certainly dressed down tonight. I like the shades, just not at the grammy’s.

6:56 – Lea Michele is gorgeous tonight – I love her dress!

6:58 – Helloooo Usher. What are you wearing? Checkered shirt, polka dot tie, beige three piece suit & giant shades? Noooo thank you.

6:59 – Kaley Cuoco from the Big Bang Theory looks gorgeous, I really wish I could pull off a gorgeous Nicole Miller plunge dress like that. She looks hot.

7:01 – Seal & Heidi Klum. They are such an adorable couple, and Klum is gorgeous, but I am not a fan of her dress tonight. I think she could’ve done much better.

7:03 – Black Eyed Peas – Fergie’s dress is very strange. I don’t really understand that long strappy silver thing?

7:09 – The Fray. Good looking group of guys – I like that they went with a simple shirt/tie/jacket combo. Very classy.

7:10 – Awww Travis Barker has his son with him. He’s so adorable!

7:11 – Keri Hilson’s dress does not fit her properly. Your boobs do not to pop out of the top, goodness. I dont think the Dolche and Gabana dress is anything special.

7:15 – Jennifer Hudson is such a strong, beautiful woman. I’m not a huge fan of her outfit tonight, but I have so much respect for her.

7:21 – Pink’s dress is kind of strange, but I do think it fits her well and is very reperesentative of her style.

7:23 – Mary J. Blidge. What are you wearing? Why did a cat scratch out the top of your dress?

7:24 – Carrie Underwood is so gorgeous. You have to have guts to wear a white dress like that, and she looks so beautiful.

7:28 – Miley Cyrus. Her dress is…  very strange.

7:29 – Nicole Kidman is definitely not my favorite – her Prada dress is gorgeous and very slimming, but I definitely think there are pretty stars.

7:31 – Taylor Swift!! She is so gorgeous, although I’m not a huge fan of her dress, I think she could have done much better. Taylor Swift is definitely beautiful and so down to earth – I’m just kind of obsessed.

7:34 – Beyonce’s dress is… strange? I don’t get it.

7:38 – Definitely glad I have this on DVR and can fast forward through the boring parts – getting ready for the show already!

7:39 – Kesha’s dress is very strange. She explains her style as “Garbage Can Chic” – I am not impressed.

7:40 – Sheryl Crow looks like she’s wearing a sheet. Yuck.

7:44 – Ciara’s outfit is very strange. I don’t get it?

7:50 – Ne-yo is so fly with his top hat. I am very impressed with the all black & white tie look.

7:51 – Rihanna looks like a swan. Hmmm.

7:53 – Colbie Calliat is adorable – I don’t love her dress – it’s kind of a strange color and design and I think she could have done much better.

8:00 – Looks like that’s the end of the red carpet. I’m going to close my computer, grab some dinner & enjoy the rest of the show!

Update: Since I don’t have copyright permission to put any photos from tonight up, be sure to check out the StylePhile blog from They’ve got a bunch of great images & commentary from tonight’s red carpet. Enjoy!


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