Bostonians respond to Haiti

With news about the aftermath of Haiti’s devastating earthquake looming on the front page of every newspaper in the country, it’s no secret that the worlds eyes are focused more on Haiti now than they ever have.

Boston bloggers have certainly taken this story to heart as well, and have been reporting on how locals have been responding to this horrific natural disaster.

President & CEO of Boston’s Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center keeps a blog in which he writes about how to run a hospital. One of his recent posts describes the hospital’s reaction to the earthquake. He includes a hospital memo, which reports that two of the hospital’s staff have volunteered through Partners in Health to provide medical assistance to those in need. The letter also explains that BIDMC is working with PIH directly to ensure aid and supplies get through to the Haitian people in need.

Marjorie Arons-Barron, another Boston blogger, wrote a very interesting post about the Haitian earthquake.

I keep thinking about what Boston, Lowell, Minneapolis or New York would look like after a 7.0 earthquake, the crumbling buildings, bodies pinned beneath, the unavailability of food, water and electricity, the difficulty of getting medical care. The anguish is unimaginable. But the reality is now in the poorest country in our hemisphere. One wonders if Haiti will ever be able to make economic and social progress.

What Barrons writes is a tragic truth. Can you imagine Boston, New York City or even your home town in such shambles? Although we have been plastered with thousands of pictures of the quake and the tragedy that has unfolded,  it’s hard to truly imagine what the destruction and devastation look like. On top of this, knowing that Haiti was in such dire need prior to this disaster makes those aware of the situation wonder: can Haiti move forward from this?

It’s estimated that the celebrity telethon this past weekend raised almost $57 million dollars, and that’s just a single fundraiser. Hundreds of organizations, including cell phone companies, are raising money for the Haitian cause. My worry is that the money and aid we are donating won’t make it to Haiti. There are reports of roads being blocked and airplanes carrying aid forced to sit on runways because they cannot distribute their food and water.  Other articles report that although food is making it to some places, not every survivor is being reached.

Jatropha is considered to be a vodou flower in Haiti, but Dr. Jean-Charles believes it can be turned into bio-fuel for Haiti

Barron offers a spark of hope in her post. She refers to a doctor by the name of Roger Jean-Charles who works at Boston Medical Center & is currently focusing on Haiti. Barron reports that generating electricity has always been a problem for Haiti. Jean-Charles believes that Jatropha, a flower native to the area, can provide bio-fuel for the area and links to this Miami Herald article. However far fetched the idea may seem, it’s at least nice to know that there is some hope on the horizon.

Other bloggers are simply getting out the word about how they are helping. Anali, who writes a local Boston blog about her sweet tooth, has posted information about the online bake sale she is participating in to raise money for Haiti. HubArts, a blog run by Joel Brown about Boston news, art & culture, has written a post about a Jazz for Haiti event that Bostonians can attend on January 31st.


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