Crazy for… Oprah?

So this isn’t exactly fashion related, but I was too fascinated not to post about it.

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My roommate and I turned on the TV the other day and The Bonnie Hunt Show was on. Don’t ask me why, and please don’t ask me why we kept watching it, but regardless, her guest was a woman by the name of Robyn Okrant. According to her website, Robyn believes that Oprah Winfrey is one of the most influential people in today’s media, and more specifically, has an incredible impact on women. As a test of Oprah’s advice, Robyn set out to “Live Oprah” – every day in 2008, Robyn lived her life completely based on advice Oprah was giving women on her show, website and in her magazine. Robyn listened to everything from shoe advice (apparently Oprah believes leopard flats go with everything – I may beg to differ although I do own a great pair from Target) to who to date to how to decorate your home, Robyn did it. She began by writing in her blog about her year’s worth of activities, attitude changes, and goals and eventually wrote a book about her experiences.

I think the concept behind Robyn’s crazy quest is fascinating. We live in a society which practically revolves around celebrities – everyone from the Jersey Shore stars to Anderson Cooper is put in a pedestal and worshipped, whether they deserve it or not. Many, like Oprah Winfrey, dispel advice left and right. So how realistic is it, financially or otherwise, to follow that advice? Robyn Okrant certainly took that question to heart when she set out on her goal, and for that, I admire her.  The concept reminds me a bit of the movie Julie & Julia I saw last summer, a story of a woman who cooks one of Julia Child’s recipes every day for a year.

I wonder if Oprah follows her own advice, or if it’s just Robyn who takes every word she says to heart. I also wonder what Oprah’s reaction to Robyn’s year long goal was. According to a January 4 USA Today article Oprah has not commented on Robyn’s blog or book, nor has Robyn ever heard from Oprah.


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