Apologies & the office wear dilemma

I know it has been ages since I posted anything in here, and I wanted to apologize for getting swept up in the lazy days of summer and abandoning my loyal readers. I loved keeping this blog & I definitely miss writing in here, so with that I have an announcement: I’m back!

I’m now working full time, so I’m a little bit busier than I was before but I will try my best to post as often as I can. Now your job is to comment more!

Now, on to more important things. Office wear. This is where it gets tricky. The office I work at is relatively casual – plenty of people wear jeans & t shirts into the office. In fact, one of my site editors was wearing light washed painter pocket jeans & a BU t shirt last week. My boss, however, calls himself old school and is always in slacks and a button down paired with dress shoes. There are three other Northeastern students who work with me, one girl and two guys. Both guys have been wearing slacks and shirts or polos, while the girl has been mostly showing up in jeans. My boss telecommutes on Wednesdays and Fridays, so that’s when the other co-ops dress down in jeans. The other girl has told me she’s not sure shes comfortable wearing jeans in front of our boss yet. Should I be scared too? No, right? He told me when I interviewed that the office was casual, that I could wear whatever as long as it was appropriate. And I’m surrounded by people who are always casual – some people even wear open toed sandals and flip flops.

So since it’s only my second week, I’ve been wearing dresses and skirts. I wore slacks one day and I have two pairs of bermudas in the same nicer material of slacks which I’ve also worn. The next problem?  The office is freezing. I’m currently in a short sleeved knee length dress with my long boyfriend cardigan on over it & my legs are freezing under my desk. But when I wear slacks I’m over dressed. Not to mention its summer – I want to be able to wear dresses and skirts, not have to pull on pants just because its cold in here. I also don’t want to be dressing down right away, and I don’t mind avoiding jeans – it’s fun to look nice sometimes. I guess I need to find the right balance – too bad its finally gorgeous outside & I’m stuck in my windowless cubicle in the freezing air conditioning from 8-4. Anyways, I’ll keep you updated on the office wear dilemma. I’m sure this will be an ongoing saga.


July 14, 2009. Uncategorized.

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