and if i had a million dollars…

It was suggested to me that I write about what I would purchase if I could go out on a shopping spree. Of course a million bucks may be too generous, so I’ve decided to choose ten things that I’d get if I could go on the ultimate shopping spree.  

There is no denying that I am a shopaholic. I definitely dont have it as bad as Rebecca Bloomwood, but my closet and dresser are pretty much busting at their seams. The thing about my wardrobe is that I have very few really expensive items. Im pretty sure the most I’ve ever spent on jeans is my True Religions, which I paid $120 for at the outlets. My favorite peacoat from Forever 21 cost $55, and my puffy winter jacket was $2o on clearance at target. So even though I have a lot of clothes, I either got them on sale at great deals or was able to get them with my employee discount at AE or Express. So if I had a significant chunk of money to spend on just clothes or accessories, I’d have to admit that having that amount would probably push me to splurge on the more expensive things.

1. The first thing I would buy, hands down, are the Tory Burch Reva Ballerina Flats in Lime Green/Gold.


2. The next thing would probably be another pair of True Religions, which I have been lusting over for months.


3. I also would love to find a pair of dark Seven’s with the A pocket design in white stitching. 
picture-62I know, I know the last pair are mens, but why dont they have a dark wash A-Pocket for women?!?

4. I’d have to snag the Longchamp bag, just because it would be so practical. I’d probably get it in black so that it’d function as an everyday bag that matched with everything.


5. I’d also get this hobo, which I have been in love with ever since my post the other day.


6. I have also always wanted a classic burberry scarf so that would probably be next on my shopping list.

picture-24 7. Next I’d probably go over to American Apparel and buy this uni-sex v neck in every single color. I really cannot justify spending $20 on a plain basic shirt with my budget, but I absolutely love these and if I could, would truly wear them every single day. 

picture-7Sidenote: I just discovered that you can buy these babies in a 3 pack of different colors for $45 [making the price per shirt $15 instead] or a 7 pack for $105 [also making it $15 per shirt], but you have to get either all white or all black when you get the 7 pack. Interesting.

8. These Steve Madden flat sandals are so simple, but I love them and have wanted them for ages. 

picture-89. I would probably splurge on a bright, fun trench – I’ve always wanted something like this.

picture-9picture-10picture-11110. Finally, I’d probably head over to Tiffanys. I absolutely love everything in their sterling silver collection, but since I already have the dangling drop earrings and the necklace, I’d love this bracelet to complete the set


& there you have it – my dream shopping spree!


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