Since I wore my fabulous $6 pearls today, I figured I’d write about the wonderful trend that are pearls. I’ve always been slightly hesitant of them – I never knew if they were too old lady-ish or if they looked silly. I really do think that as a young adult, they can look incredibly classy, you just have to know what to wear them with. As I was searching around the web, I stumbled upon this great list – five reasons why you should break out fake pearls. I love it – all the points are so true!

picture-3This strand, I kid you not, is $25,600 from Tiffanys. I know. My jaw is still on the floor. When you’re a millionaire, you can go for these.

picture-51These babies are $3000 from Tiffanys. Yikes.


Please please dont spend that kind of money. These earrings [okay, they dont have the diamonds] are only $13 on Overstock. Seriously.

picture-6This set is only $19.99 on Overstock! Just like the list said, fake pearls are easier to wear, just as cute and I promise – nobody will have any idea if theyre real or fake.


This style strand is great also – and these are on sale from Aldo Accessories for only $10!

Of course my go-to forever 21 had 73 search results when I typed in pearls. Here are some of my favorites:

780Funkier pieces are easier to justify when theyre cheaper – these are $8 and even if you only wear them a few times – totally worth it.

picture-23I love this piece – the dark pearls can be great too, and it mixes up the funky clustered style. For $8, you really cant say no.


3805801580-bracelet1Pieces like these can be fun, but don’t go overboard because too many can look tacky. If anything I’d stick to a simple strand that you can double or triple and a matching pair of studs somewhere. These forever pieces are all 3, 4 or 5 bucks, so grab one or two of your favorites to wear with something simple. Be careful with earrings though – I know if I buy cheap metal ones my ears swell up and hurt after just a few hours of wear. 

Definitely rock those pearls though – I love em!


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