ohhh finals

As a journalism major, I dont have any finals, just lots and lots of papers and projects. In the stress of trying to finish all my work, solidify my summer sublet, find furniture, plan moving out [fabulous NU is kicking me out of the dorms two days before I have somewhere to live], pick up my furniture, and still manage to keep my GPA up I have to admit that I havent been looking my very best. 

In a constant rush to get out the door as quickly as possible, I’ve found myself feeling sloppy and gross, and I figured I’d write about some simple, fast outfits for those days when youve got so much on your mind, looking great isnt a priority. Or maybe just for those mornings when you snooze the alarm a few too many times.

Right now, I’m wearing ballet flats, basic flare jeans, a white tank top from express layered underneath a thin black long sleeve thermal that I bought at the gap ages ago. I threw on a long strand of pearls I literally bought at Claires for $6 sophomore year of high school, but to dress it up, I tripled the strand around my neck, giving it a shorter, more dressed up feel. The trick to an outfit like this is simplicity. All of your basic plain tops can be paired with a necklace or fun earrings to dress them up without even trying – and it literally takes 5 seconds to throw it all one. Try wearing a pair of your favorite (comfiest) flats with your standard flared jeans and a basic plain top with a higher neck. Pair a bright bold pair of earrings or a fun necklace with it – it takes away from the plain look of the rest of your outfit, and leads to simplicity. Throwing your hair into a messy bun and swiping on some quick mascara are the perfect last touches.

Another great, easy outfit is pulling on skinny jeans and layering a lace tank underneath a vneck. When the tank top shows at the top and bottom it gives your outfit a pulled together look. Layer your favorite spring jacket on over it, grab some hoop earrings and a pair of boots and youre all set to go.

Although I myself am not a huge fan of the pullover sweatshirt, it is the perfect solution to not knowing what to wear. Especially if youve got a great solid tank or tee to layer underneath it that matches the colors in the sweatshirt, you look put together with basically no effort at all. 

Another easy solution is leggings. My favorite with leggings are my hanes vnecks from the mens section of target or walmart. Because I’m a layering freak, I always wear one of my longer, colored beaters underneath to add some color and then I’ll throw on a zip up or my boyfriend cardigan. Its easy to add jewelry to this outfit as well – even just some matching studs or dangly earrings can dress up an outfit more than you realize. Of course my default is the hoops because gold and silver tend to match everything, but pretty much any set of earrings will do. Don’t over do it – pick either a necklace or earrings, unless you have a cute matching set that isn’t too overwhelming.

Leggings can also be great with a pull over sweatshirt, assuming the sweatshirt is long enough. Add a tank top underneath and throw on some flip flops or cute tennis shoes and youre pretty much all set to run out the door!


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