haircut update

So I complained a few posts back about my haircut that I was less than thrilled about, and over the last week everyone’s been telling me that the cut really isn’t so bad at all. I think my big problem is that I cant find the right shampoo/conditioner anymore – everything seems to leave my hair dull and oily. I know it’s good to use more than one shampoo at a time, and I have three different sets in my shower right now [I know, excessive excessive] but I think maybe my hair has just grown accustomed to all 3.

When I move to my new apartment in a few weeks I plan to toss the ends of all 3 of my sets and find a new shampoo that does my hair justice. In the mean time, I’ve discovered that parting my hair to the side really freshens up my look. Ive always kind of been lazy with my hair – I never used product and I’m so lazy about dealing with it. If I shower in the morning I’ll blow dry it right away, if I shower at night I just let it air dry and then I’ll either straighten it or throw it up the next day. I always let it part wherever it wants, and the most I ever do in terms of styling is putting it up in the glamorous poof that every girl has embraced in the last six months.


I think this part is really great – I’ll have to utilize it more often! Katie Holmes rocks it well here – although my hair doesnt look as great as hers, this is the basic look I’m going for.


April 7, 2009. Uncategorized.

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