skinny & short store?

It was recently pointed out to me by my dear friend Meg, who stands at a fabulous 5′, that it’s slightly unfair that the world has a “Big & Tall” store but not a “Skinny & Short” store. I have come to the realization that this, my friends, is a true injustice.

Even though you can sit here and say that normal stores have things for short people, they so do not. my jeans are always too long no matter where I shop, and the stupid ‘short’ sizes that places like Express and AE make are absolutely useless – then my jeans are too short and I sit down and you can see my ankles. 

I always have this problem with my designer jeans – I had to pay $20 to keep the original seam on my favorite pair of Hudson’s hemmed to wear with flip flops – same with my True Religions. My mom, who also stands tall at 5’3″, always gets her jeans hemmed as well, no matter where they are from. Yes, the rolled up look is great for a summery day or at the beach, but when I want to wear tennis shoes my jeans drag all over the place and its annoying as hell.

One of my favorite pairs of “flared” jeans is from Abercrombie. I got them when I went shopping with my mom on my 16th birthday, and they have since faded and stretched out a ridiculous amount. They are probably a solid 4 inches too long on me, and I refused to get my jeans hemmed in high school because I “liked to let them drag over my flip flops” [please, dont ask. its embarrassing] so now my jeans are not only totally dirt stained in the back but missing about 4 inches of fabric from me walking on them consitently. Why dont you throw them out you might ask? Well, in my dad’s words, they are just getting comfortable. Yes, this is my own fault for not hemming them in the first place, but seriously Abercrombie – what makes you decide that making your 0R unbelievably long is realistic for the majority of the tween & teen girls who shop at your store?

Not all of us can be models – making zero jeans tiny in the waist and long as hell in the leg is just not realistic for the majority of the American population.

The other thing thats frustrating is the obesity that plagues America. People are almost encouraged to stay overweight because of plus size sections and even full stores that cater specifically to heavier body types. And I dont mean to say that girls who may be a size 14 or 16 in any way need to starve themselves in order to be a size 4, but for somebody to be a size 28 or 30 is clearly unhealthy, and by dedicating entire stores to sizes like that is just ridiculous.

Anyways – back to the original point. I know all of us short girls get our jeans hemmed, and deal with dress pants constantly being too big. But what about girls with shorter arms, whos top halves dont fit well in suit jackets, who are constantly pushing up their sleeves? We cant all have ideal bodies – and my friend Meg is in no way overweight or disproportionate.


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  1. anon replied:

    do you think there are women out there who honestly WANT to be a size 28 or 30? and if at some point, a woman finds herself to be even a size 20, should she not be able to find clothes that fit her well? no, it is not something to be happy about, but it is also not the responsibility of nor is it the place for retailers to judge a woman and tell her how much she needs to weigh in order to be able to find clothes. there are enough obstacles in this world for overweight women already. it is a societal problem, and certainly not one that retailers “encourage” by “dedicating entire stores to sizes like that”.

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