As I was getting dressed this morning, I wanted to wear my brown suede boots [which ended up being a bad decision because it ended up raining, haha] and was again faced with my brown-black dilemma. Is wearing brown and black together too much? I always find myself asking the question of blue and black as well – bright blues and blacks are normally fine, especially light blues, but when youve got navy and black together, I always just think it looks too bruise-like. Does the same apply for brown and black?
I’d love some opinions on this – what do you think?!


April 1, 2009. Uncategorized.


  1. Ashley replied:

    I NEVER wear brown with black and I sometimes cringe when I see other people wearing it. The one exception is that I have a brown Coach bag and I wear it with everything. But as for shoes and pants or shirts, I never mix the two.

  2. kate replied:

    As long as you do it carefully it can look good– I have done black pants with brown jacket & shoes then a grey shirt. It has to look deliberate, not sloppy, you can usually tell by looking in the mirror. I have a friend who does navy&black all the time and he looks great.

  3. thedarkestexistance replied:

    I’ll admit that I have done it before, but I realize now that it doesn’t look good. In fact, I spent too much time of my life looking awful. I just don’t do the brown and black anymore. I’ve never thought about the blue and black before though.
    (this is alicia. i’m writing a blog for one of my classes.)

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