somebody’s a little bit confused…

Maybe its my overly cynical mood from all the stress lately, but today I noticed a pretty heinous outfit inmy 8 AM class today that I couldnt help but have the need to blog about.

So this girl is wearing a long sleeve kelly green tshirt, with a white summer cotton dress over it. Her boobs are clearly spilling out of her bra underneath the shirt, and the dress layered on top gave her that four-boob look that every girl tries desperately to avoid. Then to top it all off, she decided that it would be a good idea to pull on some black leggings and her tall uggs. Really girl? Make up your mind, what season are you dressing for?! I thought that was bad enough, but I look over a few minutes later and she’s got this baggy brown knit shrug pulled on over the long sleeve shirt. I wanted to puke. 

At first, I simply thought ‘wow, thats a great rant to blog about’ but then I started to think about the dress-over-t-shirt trend. I’ve definitely thought about rocking this one – I probably even tried on a few of my dresses with shirts, and I have a few strappy tank tops that I’ve worn over beaters and t shirts, but never a full on summer dress. I think the look can be decent when paired with the right thing, although its not my absolute favorite. 

Firstly, I think you need to stick with a plain white shirt and either a bright colored dress or a simple patterned one. When you have too much going on, it’s just fashion overload. Although our dear friend should never have worn that combo, if she really was sutck on the white over green, she could have paired the leggings with cute black flats, and worn a basic black cardigan instead. The basic color blocking would have simplified the outfit, and made it much less confusing.

In my attempt to find some cute examples of the shirt under dress trend, I turned to google images. I discovered some interesting combos.

6a00d8341c873353ef00e550b2c79b8833-800wiDress? Cute. Pumps? Cute. Confusing graphic tshirt under dress? Not so cute.

lisa_cant_y_kei_fall_2007In this case, I think the tube style of the dress does well for the turtle neck. They balance each other out, and the dark color and material of the dress paired with the black leggings make the look wintery, which matches the turtle neck.  Of course this is runway fashion, but I can definitely see it being translated to the street as well.

sarah jessica parker 130307Ill start off by saying that as much as I love sex & the city, I am not a Sarah Jessica Parker fan. You can kill me now, but her fashion sense has always killed me on the inside, and all the hideous things that she wears just honestly blow my mind. This isnt as bad as I’ve seen it, but the suit like jacket over the casual striped shirt is just so confusing – and those heels, seriously? The dress has potential, I think if she wore the right bra and put on some cute pumps itd be a great sell, but its just not doing it for me in this outfit.

teesThese are another two examples. I like the concept of these, but the yellow dress on the left is nothing to go crazy about, and the dress on the right is just kind of confusing to me. They do pull off the dress on top of t shirt thing well though, I’ll give em that.

After I perused google, I made my way to Forever 21, and decided to see what examples they had of the trend. I wasnt shocked to find a whole slew of [cheap] tops.

forever-16This is a great example of the sewn together version of the trend – it makes it easy to pair because its done for you! I think especially with this top a great necklace and some leggings would make a simple butvery cute look.

forever-20I really like the concept of this, although I’m not crazy about the checkered pattern, I think it does the trend justice. I do like the beater look, which is shown more on this post on Runway Daily.

forever-25I could never pull this off, but I have a friend that I can picture perfectly in this duo, and I love it. Shed probably find some great shirt in her mothers closet and a great printed dress for $4 at goodwill, but either way, this is a fun style if you can pull it off and have the confidence to do it. I bet it’d look great snazzed up with a short stand of pearls too.

forever-18In my mind, this is the perfect tshirt dress. Itd look great over a long sleeve or short sleeve t, and the buttons spice it up but its still simple enough to work. Add some fun summer flats and youre all set to go!


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