bad haircut

So I made a huge mistake and trusted a Boston Salon to cut my hair on Friday. I shouldnt have done it, and I knew when I went it wasnt really guaranteed, but I trusted the girl and she definitely didnt do a good job. I feel like I have a mullet on my head, and I cant decide if when people tell me “no its fine, no i like it” theyre lying to be nice, or if it really just looks decent. Im super disappointed, even though its just hair and I know it grows back, its just so frustrating. Maybe I just need to wash it a few more times, maybe it’ll be better when I blow dry it out, but I definitley cant let it air dry, which is really shitty, and I’m just… ugh.

Maybe its all the other stress in my life, but I am definitely not a happy camper.


March 29, 2009. Uncategorized.

One Comment

  1. Ashley replied:

    You probably won’t believe me, but in class today I noticed you hair was shorter and honestly thought it looked good. And don’t stress, it will grow back soon

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