the cropped jacket

This is a trend I have been noticing more and more as the days get ever so slighty warmer, and I have to admit, I dont really get it. There are some trenches with short sleeves that are definitely great, but the trench would look just as good with regular long sleeves, and would make it way more practical, especially on the east coast! 

This trench from Burberry is a perfect example:

burb-700For $700, couldnt you just give me a little bit more fabric?

anne-klein-200This Anne Klein short sleeve trench is what I really do not get. For $200, all I’m getting is “huh?”

The fad has also transfered over to sweaters, which I think I understand a little bit more.

express-40I do like the concept of this, but the sleeves are just so big and baggy, and for somebody like me, who has such a tiny frame, the idea just doesnt seem flattering. I do like the belt paired with this one though, which I found on Express’s website for $40.

express-2950I think the buttons on this one are better for me – and my friend Jen has it in a bright purple color and its great on her. I just dont really know if I like it for me, or how much I really like the look in general.  This one is only $30 at express, so if anything, I’d probably go for this piece, which wouldnt hurt my wallet too badly.

express-98This jacket just doesnt make sense to me. It’s $98, also from express – why would I fork over $100 for a jacket that wont even keep me warm? Maybe I sound like a grouchy old lady, but I truly just dont get it. Cute, I guess. But even in the spring when you dont need to stay warm, I still just think it looks silly. Maybe its just me.


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