observations on the t…

I’m so sorry I’ve been slightly MIA the last few days, I’m dealing with co-op interviews and stress and chaos so I’ve been running around like a crazy person.

Anyways, I took the T all the way out to the end of the D line [about an hour commute] to check out a company that gave me a job offer, and it gave me lots of time to judge people & their heinous outfits ūüôā

So I look across the car from me, and I see this girl. The first thing I notice is her leopard print pumps and her zebra print purse. I was already slightly turned off Рif youre going to rock the animal print [which I totally support in the right amount/piece!] please, choose one animal. Then the girl stands up with her back to me and I notice that her black jacket has not only a giant skull picture on it, but two giant 3d velvet roses sticking off the back as well. Seriously?

Then at the next stop, a guy gets on the T in basketball shorts that are at least halfway up his thigh. I know that it’s gorgeous and 51 degrees out today, but I do not need to see your fat hairy thighs sticking out of your shorts. If you insist on owning those, at least wear them in at the gym, or in the privacy of your own home, where I cannot see way more of your leg than anybody ever should.

The other thing that I noticed not just on the T but on campus and in Boston in general, is that you can see one guy in shorts and flip flops, and another person standing 5 feet away, where it is clearly the same temperature, wearing uggs, jeans and a thick peacoat. I guess that happens in LA too now that I think about it, with one person in boots and the next in flip flops, its just kind of funny how differently people dress based on the weather.

Once I got into the office, I was pretty surprised to see the range of things being worn. The other co-op student was wearing jeans with an NU sweatshirt pulled over it, her green and white tshirt hanging out at the bottom. The other co-op was a little more dressed up, with skinny jeans, cute flats and a basic cardigan over her tank top. The guy showing me around the office [who always mentions whenever he talks to me how intimidated he is about my fashion sense from seeing my blog & retail experience on my resume, which cracks me up] was wearing slacks, a button down and nice dress shoes. Other people were wearing button downs and slacks as well, some women were in jeans with heels and plain conservative tops Рit really was all over the place. 

I guess coming from my last co-op, its hard to gauge what to wear since I literally wore cut offs and flip flops to work every day in July and August. Its interesting the difference between some offices Рhow strict about shoes and suits they can be, and then how casual other places can be.

My dad definitely gets away with wearing jeans to work most days, he could care less what he looks like. My mom runs her own practice and she wears bright fun outfits, but never jeans, always long skirts or pants. I guess its a personal preference – part of me is really excited at the idea of wearing cute ‘adult’ clothes to work every day, and another part of me just wants to wear jeans for the rest of my life.


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