five things…

I love lists. I think thats just one of those things I got from my mother and her OCD tendencies, but I have yet to make very many lists on here, so I figured I’d do a fun one of 5 of my favorite fashion trends & 5 trends that make me want to throw something.

Five Fashion Trends I Can’t Get Enough Of…
skinny jeans i love how they fit, how slimming they are and how flattering they can be if you find the right fit. i love how easily they tuck into boots, and how great they look with flats and flip flops. i definitely still own bootcut and flared jeans, but my skinny jeans are my favorites.
big, bright, bold jewelry i love big funky pieces that add to a plain top and make an outfit stand out more. kind of like that anchor necklace in shopaholic, but less sparkly and shiny, more funky and bright, without being too over the top
flat boots maybe its that i couldnt wear them in LA when i was growing up, but i absolutely love the way a flat boot looks with almost everything. flat leather with buckles, flat scrunched suede, slightly heeled cowboy boots with a pointy toe – i love em all. with leggings, a skirt or skinny denim, they can look great and are so versatile.
the boyfriend cardigan at first i wasnt so sure of how much i liked the long, baggy look, but now im totally in love. you can wear it buttoned or open, get it in a size too big so it looks great with a long vneck and leggings, or pair it with a great patterned top, nice denim and cute flats to pull together a great outfit.
scarves if you saw my scarf collection, youd probably have a heart attack. i have everything from thick knit scarves to thin fashion scarves, and i love them all. the airy material that often comes in fun stripes and patterns is my favorite, but solids can be great as well to pair with a multicolored or patterned top. even when it starts to get warmer, scarves are the perfect accessory.

Five Fashion Trends That Make Me Want to Hurl…
camouflage/patterned uggs i will admit, i own two pairs of uggs. they are hideous, but they keep my feet warm, which is really all that matters when it feels like 13 degrees outside. but when you get uggs that have a different color on each side of them, or the camouflage patterned ones, thats when i want to be sick. seriously? if you need these heinous things to keep your feet warm [and i admit, i do] stick to the basic ones, please!
mismatching patterns flannel and stripe and rainbow and sparkles do NOT all go together. i am alll for patterns but please, pair them with a plain top and jacket as to avoid giving me the world a headache when they look at you!
clothes that hug your rolls i have friends of all shapes and sizes, and i know that sometimes when you are heavier, that weight is almost impossible to take off. and i respect that some people are born with wide hips and a heavier waist line. but when you have that body type, learn how to dress yourself. one of my best friends is on the heavier side and she always finds incredible pieces to match her body type, and im always so impressed with how great she looks. then you see other heavy girls with their rolls hugged by tight fitting shirts, or tops that have lines that just arent flattering. when theyre popping out of their clothes it just points more to their heavy set body, and its not fun for anybody to look at.
jeans that are too short we used to call this “flooding”. im not quite sure why this is such a pet peeve of mine, but seeing somebodys socks when theyre walking just really bugs me. save your short jeans to tuck inside your boots!
shiny, skin tight leggings i love leggings, dont get me wrong. but the bright colored, skin tight shiny ones that american apparel has been selling? noooo thank you. you do not need to look like you are wearing pleather on your legs, plain cotton leggings in basic colors like turquoise or purple are as bold as you should get, thankyouverymuch.


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One Comment

  1. bearnecessities33 replied:

    OMG! I am SO all about skinny jeans and humongous bright jewelry, I have so many pieces of it! And most of it isn’t fit to wear in public LOL but i still love it 😀

    Oh, and I totally agree with the too-short jeans thing. I mean, I need a 37″ inseam cuz I have freakishly long legs but I’d rather pay a little more and only own a handful of jeans that actually fit than run around in an old pair that it waaaay too short. I mean please! I don’t want to see your white socks with black sneakers thank you! 😛

    Oh, and can I add another no-no? Tights as pants. I’m sorry, but unless you’re super hot, and even if you are, please leave it to the imagination!

    Sweet blog, see ya Friday!

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