TJ Maxx

I wrote the other day about great places to find cheap clothing, and TJ Maxx was one of those places. In search of a suit for Meg, dress pants for Erin and a Sprom dress for Lena, the four of us ventured to cambridgeside for a day of shopping. In the middle of our shopping adventure, Lena read a blog post on Beantown Prepster that TJ Maxx had a new shipment of Lilly Pulitzer. Since Lena is obsessed, we rerouted there and she found at least two dozen pieces to try. Lena left with patterned pinapple bermudas, a pair of lime green capris and a sleeveless collared ralph lauren polo in a sky blue. She managed to snag all that in $120 – less than the bermuda’s wouldve cost on their own at full retail price!

I was a very good girl and only bought a set of 4 pairs of aerie undies leftover from vday, which were justified by my $5 coupon that i snagged for trying on a bra [of course in a C, since the whole world of cute bra makers refuses to make 32Ds. argh!]. So I managed to spend $6 on 4 pairs of underwear – not bad at all. At TJ Maxx I definitely was lacking the energy [and the financial means] to spend serious amounts of time digging. I did browse through the denim but all the Seven’s and True Religions I found either weren’t the style I was looking for or not at all in my size. I guess going on a Saturday evening isnt ideal for that type of thing. In wandering the store, Erin and I stumbled upon the bra section, in which I discovered a number of 32D Walcoal bras. I was in bra heaven. These bras normally retail at Nordstroms or Macys for anywhere from $60-$80, and my poor mom pays full price for them for me because she knows theyre the only bras that fit me well. So I found THREE of them for $13 each – $38 bucks for 3 bras when one normally costs me $60… absolutely no complaints there.

Meg found her suit at New York & Co for $80 which was an incredible deal, I had no idea but they apparently have a 25% AAA discount, pretty sweet. Lena did some damage at J Crew as well, all in their wonderful sale section, and Erin found a hot pink boyfriend cardigan for 25 with her 15% student discount – always key at J Crew. I toyed with getting these babies


but decided I’d wait til I hit up the outlets when I’m home in June. For now I’ve got my trusty reefs and my very last AE purchase:

picture-3They’re basically knock off Tory Burch, but I love them anyways, and I just absolutey cannot wait for flip flop weather to arrive!!

After our very successful shopping trip we hit up PF Changs for dinner, which is always delicious. And now it’s sunday afternoon, I’m back at home procrastinating doing my work by writing about fashion. What else is new?


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    trend watch : TJ Maxx « passion for fashion…

    […]Lena did some damage at J Crew as well, all in their wonderful sale section, and Erin found a hot pink boyfriend cardigan for 25 with her 15% student […]…

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