Tory Burch

Tory Burch. As a designer, she’s come into the spotlight rather recently, and her shoes were all over Los Angeles as the latest thing when she first broke out. Her stuff is exorbitantly expensive, and most of it is slightly bizarre, but there are a few of her pieces that I would die to have. I always beg my mom to treat me to a pair of her Rena Flats. At $195, they’re ridiculously expensive, and while I could sit here and give you the sob story of how I have a narrow foot and most flats dont fit me and how these have the elastic back that make them super comfy and perfect for me, my mom hasn’t given into that begging yet, so I assume you wont either.

In reality, my mother owns 3 pairs of her shoes for exactly that reason. Her foot is impossible to find shoes for, and often times she pays the price for the shoes that fit. She does wear them well – she has a gorgeous patent leather pair in deep purple and this silver metallic pair:


These are the ones I want, which I would probably wear every day that it wasn’t below 50 if I could.


I love the gold with the green, and I think the bold color is perfect. They have tons of other colors, which you can check out on Tory’s website here.

Once I was online, I of course had to check out all her other pieces. I’ve seen people with her bags, but I didnt realize she had a whole clothing line. As I write this post, I realize that my complains about her items sound oddly similar to my Lilly Pulitzer complaints – too expensive, and often too bizarre to actually see myself wearing. Maybe I just dont fit the prototype that these designers are going for. I guess I’m just desperate to see a designer that has bold and somewhat funky pieces that can be worn on a regular basis – dont they realize that the majority of americans dont have the type of budget where they can buy something for $500, wear it once and then toss it into the back of their endless closet to collect dust? I guess they simply arent targeting us regular folk. 

Anyways, here are a few of the pieces that stuck out to me on the website – you can of course browse yourself and let your jaw drop at the prices.


Originally $545, this dress is on sale for $327. What a bargain! I like the basic concept, but the pattern definitely isnt my favorite, and i feel like the dress falls at an awkward length – is it mid calf or is it ankle? My D size boobs probably wouldnt fit in the dress anyways, and honestly it looks like something I’d wear to the beach, so I’d way rather go to forever 21 and buy a cheap cover up for $15 instead.


The cut and pattern of this definitely reminded me of Lilly Pulitzer’s line. It seems more Navajo Indian inspired than flowery, although I’m not a huge fan of these colors. The dress is on sale for $231, marked down from $385.


I love this dress. I dont know why, but the simple, bold pattern just really does it for me. I love the detailing in the middle, and I think with the right body type, it could be really flattering. At $350, its a bit out of my price range. Sigh.

melanie-375I’m a huge fan of this one too, in all its simplicity its just so basic, and you can pair it with so many great items and different shoes and jewelry. This one is $375, so I guess I’ll love it from afar.


I really like the idea of a cute, cropped leather jacket like the one above. You can definitely find them cheaper – at $695 this one is definitely not worth it, but I’m going to prowl the web later tonight in search of a good one.

I stumbled upon the bag & wallet section of the page – oh what a mistake. I am pretty much in lust with the idea of getting a tory burch wallet. Add together the price of those green flats and I’m flat broke. Oof.

currency-wallet-165saffiano-currency-wallet-255So the first wallet looks identical to the second one, right? The pink one is on sale for $165 and the purple, deemed the “Saffiano” currency wallet instead of just the plain currency wallet that the pink one is named is a whopping $255. Of course I like the purple color more.


Just picture it. Me, at the beach, with my towel, big shades and a book, with my perfect, $250 tory burch bag perched next to me, perfectly nestled in the sand. Pop. That will never happen. But a girl can dream.


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  1. ninaf89 replied:

    Some random thoughts…
    I highly recommend splurging on the flats. They are ridiculously comfortable. Also, Tory Burch has gotten into designing some really cute boots lately.
    Do you know if she has a free-standing store in this area? There’s one near my home and even the store is one of the most beautifully and uniquely decorated shops I have ever seen.
    And if you’re in the market for a leather jacket like the one above, I work at Zara and we sell one that is almost identical in both black and cream for $189…not bad.

  2. mikki replied:

    I was in the mall and laughed out loud when I saw Tory Burch’s Wal Mart thong sandals with an itty bitty T medallion logo on it…for $45.00!!! There was no design concept whatsoever…just a regular $3 Wal Mart thong with a medallion. This caused her to charge almost fifty dollars for it! Come on, at least work for your money!

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