unique ways of buying clothing

Everyone knows the easiest way to buy clothing is to walk into the mall. Countless stores standing anxious for you to walk through their doors and eat up their latest spring merchandise. But in tough times like these, there have got to be other options for those of us who dont want to pay full price. I’ve brainstormed some good ones, but I was hoping to get some suggestions from anyone reading – whats your favorite indirect way of buying that must have piece?

Filene’s Basement, Marshalls, Loehmans & TJ Max: these are all great options if you are looking for designer names at good prices and are willing to take some time to dig. There’s a huge Filene’s down Newbury Street as well as a Marshall’s on Boylston, and theres a giant TJ Max in Downtown Crossing. Sometimes these stores can be enormous and frustrating, especially if you have a specific item in mind. A lot of times sizes are difficult, but you never know what you can find! I had two friends get their prom dresses at Loehman’s in high school, and they were so unique, which is always excellent when it comes to fashion.

ebay & amazon.com: we all know they’re out there. we buy our text books, concert tickets, cheap cell phone cases on them, but do we think to buy clothes or accessories on them? In searching both sites, I’ve discovered a plethora of everything under the sun from belts to gloves to coach bags to wedding dresses, they pretty much have it all. The trick with ebay is definitely learning to bid properly, or finding items with the “buy it now” option. The problem with amazon is often their exorbitant shipping rates, which can sometimes defeat the purpose of not just going out and getting it yourself.

craigslist: the greatest thing since sliced bread. this site has pretty much anything you could possibly want, including a listing for “free stuff” which is my favorite to browse when I’m bored and need a pick me up. one time, i saw a guy offering a free gallon of milk and two boxes of multi grain cheerios. anyways, back to fashion. the jewelry and clothes+accessories sections of the site are pretty cool – obviously youre buying directly from somebody which can eliminate the frustration of the big name sites, and depending on the location, you can set up a time to meet and check the piece out, which avoids the aggravation of paying for shipping and hating what you got.

vintage stores: these were hugely popular in years past, but places like goodwill and out of the closet are great places to go if you want to find cheap, cool stuff. they often require a lot of digging, so you have to have patience. my favorite place in LA is definitely crossroads, which often has more name brand items that arent as cheap as goodwill, but are still good finds. I got an old pair of miss sixty jeans there that I used to wear every single day in high school, and some of my favorite summer skirts are from the store as well. I haven’t really gone thrifting in boston at places besides goodwill, but I had great success in belt shopping at the goodwill on Comm Ave with Rach a few months back. My google searches led me to this fabulous list of good thrift stores in boston. I have a good friend who told me she found a great pair of designer jeans that were already hemmed (shes got short legs like me) for something like $50 at Second Time Around which is pretty impressive.

Rusty Zipper: I found this awesome website, rustyzipper.com, which is a used clothing store online. They sort mens and womens clothing by type as well as by date received, and it’s kind of fun to browse around. They’ve got really great pictures of all the items, the only trick is of course ordering clothing online can be iffy since you dont know exactly how well it will fit. In the scheme of things though, if you find a really great piece, taking it to the tailor for an extra twenty bucks isn’t too shabby.  There are tons of other online vintage stores, some of which seem pretty decent, others of which dont have very impressive pictures and are reselling things like bra & underwear sets, which is a little much for me.

PurseAffair: I found this site in searching google for used purses for sale. It seems to be a feed of all the purses found on ebay with their price and how much time is left in the bidding. Kind of a cool option that lets you avoid having to search ebay yourself. 

Bag Borrow or Steal: I had a sudden flashback to the Sex & the City movie where Carrie asks her assistant how she could afford that purse, and she explains that she’s rented it. I found this fabulous site for exactly that – you can borrow a purse! they have a gently used resale section as well. You can sort by type, price per month and designer, color, size and details. I absolutely love this concept, I’m not sure if I find it necessary right now, since I have no need to be carrying around a fancy purse, but one of these days…

borrowedbling.com, From Bags to Riches and Wardrobe NYC are all the same concept – check em out!

If you have any favorite stores or websites or any other ways you obtain clothing cheaply, definitely comment & let me know!


March 15, 2009. Uncategorized.


  1. kate replied:

    i love all of my references in here 😉

  2. Discount Designer Jeans replied:

    Craigslist is a great resource for getting bargains on real nice clothes…but watch out for fakes!

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