If judging were an olympic sport, I’d have a gold medal

I was thinking about this the other night after I posted about the sales associate in the Longchamp store judging me, and I thought I’d share my thoughts.

First of all, I am the queen of judging people. Lena said it perfectly the other day – “If judging were an olympic sport, I’d have a gold medal”. I apparently have a look and a face that I get when I’m judging somebody, and my boyfriend can always tell. He’ll roll his eyes and say “who are you judging?” Now that we’ve been dating for a year and a half, he’s totally guilty of doing the exact same thing, and I call him out on it when I see him with that judgmental face on. To be quite honest (or maybe just to justify my actions) it’s hard not to – especially in the city of Boston. I always use the excuse of having this thing, that I’m simply researching for my fashion blog, but I know that we’re all guilty of judging people. I think what’s interesting to me is how and what we judge people on.

The other day in the Longchamp store, I was wearing my $20 turquoise puffy jacket that I bought on sale at Target and using my light chestnut purse that basically can hold my entire life in it that I got at Forever 21 for like $24.80. Underneath my jacket I was wearing a cute sea green v neck sweater (granted it was one of those pieces I got at Old Navy for $4 but nobody needs to know that) layered over a white tank, with skinny jeans, my brown steve madden suede boots and my matching brown pashmina. The two most expensive things I was wearing was my Tiffany’s Elsa Peretti heart ring, which I never take off, and my Elsa Peretti teardrop necklace, which I also never take off. So was the guy judging me because I wasnt dripping in designer names? Because I looked cheap? Because I look 15 and am clearly not made of money? Because he knew my jeans were Abercrombie kids and not Seven’s or True Religions? 

Every single day, we walk down the street and see people wearing everything from designer items that clearly scream “I spent ten thousand dollars on this” to shluffy college sweatshirts (not that those are cheap either). We judge them based on what theyre wearing and how theyre wearing it. We judge them for weather appropriate or inappropriate items (I saw a girl today at Dunkin Donuts wearing short shorts, cmon its 20 degrees out!) and I saw another girl wearing the reincarnation of those gold sparkly converse I wrote about in a much earlier post in a bright silver matched with a blue skirt and red zip up. I also saw the same girl twice today who looked incredible put together – she had on a gorgeous houndstooth black and white jacket with a thick black belt around her waist, a pair of dark jeans and tall black boots. She had pearls on and these big, funky sunglasses and she looked so classy. I probably rolled my eyes at the first two girls and gawked at the third without even realizing it – there’s no doubt if my boyfriend can pick up on my judging face, strangers can too. But when I walk around during the day, I’m too wrapped up in my own world to notice the people right next to me judging. There is no doubt that people see me and think “wow, she looks like a fool” or “hey, thats a really cute outfit” and while I can always hope for the latter, different people will always have different opinions – it’s what makes us human.

When it comes to fashion, I think people will always judge and be judged. For one, its part of the fun. Secondly, people will always just wear really ridiculous things out of their houses, and when youre on public domain, you’re just asking for it. No but seriously – it’s basically human nature to judge, to gossip, to comment on other people’s choices. The other day I saw two girls in the same class wearing big baggy sweatshirts over tight turtlenecks and I turned to Jen and said “what on earth are they wearing?!” Of course just because everybody does it doesnt mean that it’s okay, but I guess in the scheme of things, I’d rather solve world hunger and the genocide in Sudan before I try to prevent people from judging what I chose to wear out of my apartment today.


March 13, 2009. Uncategorized.

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