Oh. My. Goodness. I recently stumbled upon the “Wiki How” website and I found the fashion section. Seriously? 

I found one related to my last post, how to dress up a plain white t shirt, and I swear it was like listening to my fourth grade arts and crafts teacher. Please tell me people dont take these things seriously?!

My favorite so far has been this one – how to be a bad girl. Well if Wikipedia tells you how, you sure can do it.


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somebody’s a little bit confused…

Maybe its my overly cynical mood from all the stress lately, but today I noticed a pretty heinous outfit inmy 8 AM class today that I couldnt help but have the need to blog about.

So this girl is wearing a long sleeve kelly green tshirt, with a white summer cotton dress over it. Her boobs are clearly spilling out of her bra underneath the shirt, and the dress layered on top gave her that four-boob look that every girl tries desperately to avoid. Then to top it all off, she decided that it would be a good idea to pull on some black leggings and her tall uggs. Really girl? Make up your mind, what season are you dressing for?! I thought that was bad enough, but I look over a few minutes later and she’s got this baggy brown knit shrug pulled on over the long sleeve shirt. I wanted to puke. 

At first, I simply thought ‘wow, thats a great rant to blog about’ but then I started to think about the dress-over-t-shirt trend. I’ve definitely thought about rocking this one – I probably even tried on a few of my dresses with shirts, and I have a few strappy tank tops that I’ve worn over beaters and t shirts, but never a full on summer dress. I think the look can be decent when paired with the right thing, although its not my absolute favorite. 

Firstly, I think you need to stick with a plain white shirt and either a bright colored dress or a simple patterned one. When you have too much going on, it’s just fashion overload. Although our dear friend should never have worn that combo, if she really was sutck on the white over green, she could have paired the leggings with cute black flats, and worn a basic black cardigan instead. The basic color blocking would have simplified the outfit, and made it much less confusing.

In my attempt to find some cute examples of the shirt under dress trend, I turned to google images. I discovered some interesting combos.

6a00d8341c873353ef00e550b2c79b8833-800wiDress? Cute. Pumps? Cute. Confusing graphic tshirt under dress? Not so cute.

lisa_cant_y_kei_fall_2007In this case, I think the tube style of the dress does well for the turtle neck. They balance each other out, and the dark color and material of the dress paired with the black leggings make the look wintery, which matches the turtle neck.  Of course this is runway fashion, but I can definitely see it being translated to the street as well.

sarah jessica parker 130307Ill start off by saying that as much as I love sex & the city, I am not a Sarah Jessica Parker fan. You can kill me now, but her fashion sense has always killed me on the inside, and all the hideous things that she wears just honestly blow my mind. This isnt as bad as I’ve seen it, but the suit like jacket over the casual striped shirt is just so confusing – and those heels, seriously? The dress has potential, I think if she wore the right bra and put on some cute pumps itd be a great sell, but its just not doing it for me in this outfit.

teesThese are another two examples. I like the concept of these, but the yellow dress on the left is nothing to go crazy about, and the dress on the right is just kind of confusing to me. They do pull off the dress on top of t shirt thing well though, I’ll give em that.

After I perused google, I made my way to Forever 21, and decided to see what examples they had of the trend. I wasnt shocked to find a whole slew of [cheap] tops.

forever-16This is a great example of the sewn together version of the trend – it makes it easy to pair because its done for you! I think especially with this top a great necklace and some leggings would make a simple butvery cute look.

forever-20I really like the concept of this, although I’m not crazy about the checkered pattern, I think it does the trend justice. I do like the beater look, which is shown more on this post on Runway Daily.

forever-25I could never pull this off, but I have a friend that I can picture perfectly in this duo, and I love it. Shed probably find some great shirt in her mothers closet and a great printed dress for $4 at goodwill, but either way, this is a fun style if you can pull it off and have the confidence to do it. I bet it’d look great snazzed up with a short stand of pearls too.

forever-18In my mind, this is the perfect tshirt dress. Itd look great over a long sleeve or short sleeve t, and the buttons spice it up but its still simple enough to work. Add some fun summer flats and youre all set to go!

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bad haircut

So I made a huge mistake and trusted a Boston Salon to cut my hair on Friday. I shouldnt have done it, and I knew when I went it wasnt really guaranteed, but I trusted the girl and she definitely didnt do a good job. I feel like I have a mullet on my head, and I cant decide if when people tell me “no its fine, no i like it” theyre lying to be nice, or if it really just looks decent. Im super disappointed, even though its just hair and I know it grows back, its just so frustrating. Maybe I just need to wash it a few more times, maybe it’ll be better when I blow dry it out, but I definitley cant let it air dry, which is really shitty, and I’m just… ugh.

Maybe its all the other stress in my life, but I am definitely not a happy camper.

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the cropped jacket

This is a trend I have been noticing more and more as the days get ever so slighty warmer, and I have to admit, I dont really get it. There are some trenches with short sleeves that are definitely great, but the trench would look just as good with regular long sleeves, and would make it way more practical, especially on the east coast! 

This trench from Burberry is a perfect example:

burb-700For $700, couldnt you just give me a little bit more fabric?

anne-klein-200This Anne Klein short sleeve trench is what I really do not get. For $200, all I’m getting is “huh?”

The fad has also transfered over to sweaters, which I think I understand a little bit more.

express-40I do like the concept of this, but the sleeves are just so big and baggy, and for somebody like me, who has such a tiny frame, the idea just doesnt seem flattering. I do like the belt paired with this one though, which I found on Express’s website for $40.

express-2950I think the buttons on this one are better for me – and my friend Jen has it in a bright purple color and its great on her. I just dont really know if I like it for me, or how much I really like the look in general.  This one is only $30 at express, so if anything, I’d probably go for this piece, which wouldnt hurt my wallet too badly.

express-98This jacket just doesnt make sense to me. It’s $98, also from express – why would I fork over $100 for a jacket that wont even keep me warm? Maybe I sound like a grouchy old lady, but I truly just dont get it. Cute, I guess. But even in the spring when you dont need to stay warm, I still just think it looks silly. Maybe its just me.

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observations on the t…

I’m so sorry I’ve been slightly MIA the last few days, I’m dealing with co-op interviews and stress and chaos so I’ve been running around like a crazy person.

Anyways, I took the T all the way out to the end of the D line [about an hour commute] to check out a company that gave me a job offer, and it gave me lots of time to judge people & their heinous outfits 🙂

So I look across the car from me, and I see this girl. The first thing I notice is her leopard print pumps and her zebra print purse. I was already slightly turned off – if youre going to rock the animal print [which I totally support in the right amount/piece!] please, choose one animal. Then the girl stands up with her back to me and I notice that her black jacket has not only a giant skull picture on it, but two giant 3d velvet roses sticking off the back as well. Seriously?

Then at the next stop, a guy gets on the T in basketball shorts that are at least halfway up his thigh. I know that it’s gorgeous and 51 degrees out today, but I do not need to see your fat hairy thighs sticking out of your shorts. If you insist on owning those, at least wear them in at the gym, or in the privacy of your own home, where I cannot see way more of your leg than anybody ever should.

The other thing that I noticed not just on the T but on campus and in Boston in general, is that you can see one guy in shorts and flip flops, and another person standing 5 feet away, where it is clearly the same temperature, wearing uggs, jeans and a thick peacoat. I guess that happens in LA too now that I think about it, with one person in boots and the next in flip flops, its just kind of funny how differently people dress based on the weather.

Once I got into the office, I was pretty surprised to see the range of things being worn. The other co-op student was wearing jeans with an NU sweatshirt pulled over it, her green and white tshirt hanging out at the bottom. The other co-op was a little more dressed up, with skinny jeans, cute flats and a basic cardigan over her tank top. The guy showing me around the office [who always mentions whenever he talks to me how intimidated he is about my fashion sense from seeing my blog & retail experience on my resume, which cracks me up] was wearing slacks, a button down and nice dress shoes. Other people were wearing button downs and slacks as well, some women were in jeans with heels and plain conservative tops – it really was all over the place. 

I guess coming from my last co-op, its hard to gauge what to wear since I literally wore cut offs and flip flops to work every day in July and August. Its interesting the difference between some offices – how strict about shoes and suits they can be, and then how casual other places can be.

My dad definitely gets away with wearing jeans to work most days, he could care less what he looks like. My mom runs her own practice and she wears bright fun outfits, but never jeans, always long skirts or pants. I guess its a personal preference – part of me is really excited at the idea of wearing cute ‘adult’ clothes to work every day, and another part of me just wants to wear jeans for the rest of my life.

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five things…

I love lists. I think thats just one of those things I got from my mother and her OCD tendencies, but I have yet to make very many lists on here, so I figured I’d do a fun one of 5 of my favorite fashion trends & 5 trends that make me want to throw something.

Five Fashion Trends I Can’t Get Enough Of…
skinny jeans i love how they fit, how slimming they are and how flattering they can be if you find the right fit. i love how easily they tuck into boots, and how great they look with flats and flip flops. i definitely still own bootcut and flared jeans, but my skinny jeans are my favorites.
big, bright, bold jewelry i love big funky pieces that add to a plain top and make an outfit stand out more. kind of like that anchor necklace in shopaholic, but less sparkly and shiny, more funky and bright, without being too over the top
flat boots maybe its that i couldnt wear them in LA when i was growing up, but i absolutely love the way a flat boot looks with almost everything. flat leather with buckles, flat scrunched suede, slightly heeled cowboy boots with a pointy toe – i love em all. with leggings, a skirt or skinny denim, they can look great and are so versatile.
the boyfriend cardigan at first i wasnt so sure of how much i liked the long, baggy look, but now im totally in love. you can wear it buttoned or open, get it in a size too big so it looks great with a long vneck and leggings, or pair it with a great patterned top, nice denim and cute flats to pull together a great outfit.
scarves if you saw my scarf collection, youd probably have a heart attack. i have everything from thick knit scarves to thin fashion scarves, and i love them all. the airy material that often comes in fun stripes and patterns is my favorite, but solids can be great as well to pair with a multicolored or patterned top. even when it starts to get warmer, scarves are the perfect accessory.

Five Fashion Trends That Make Me Want to Hurl…
camouflage/patterned uggs i will admit, i own two pairs of uggs. they are hideous, but they keep my feet warm, which is really all that matters when it feels like 13 degrees outside. but when you get uggs that have a different color on each side of them, or the camouflage patterned ones, thats when i want to be sick. seriously? if you need these heinous things to keep your feet warm [and i admit, i do] stick to the basic ones, please!
mismatching patterns flannel and stripe and rainbow and sparkles do NOT all go together. i am alll for patterns but please, pair them with a plain top and jacket as to avoid giving me the world a headache when they look at you!
clothes that hug your rolls i have friends of all shapes and sizes, and i know that sometimes when you are heavier, that weight is almost impossible to take off. and i respect that some people are born with wide hips and a heavier waist line. but when you have that body type, learn how to dress yourself. one of my best friends is on the heavier side and she always finds incredible pieces to match her body type, and im always so impressed with how great she looks. then you see other heavy girls with their rolls hugged by tight fitting shirts, or tops that have lines that just arent flattering. when theyre popping out of their clothes it just points more to their heavy set body, and its not fun for anybody to look at.
jeans that are too short we used to call this “flooding”. im not quite sure why this is such a pet peeve of mine, but seeing somebodys socks when theyre walking just really bugs me. save your short jeans to tuck inside your boots!
shiny, skin tight leggings i love leggings, dont get me wrong. but the bright colored, skin tight shiny ones that american apparel has been selling? noooo thank you. you do not need to look like you are wearing pleather on your legs, plain cotton leggings in basic colors like turquoise or purple are as bold as you should get, thankyouverymuch.

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Rant of the Day

I mentioned in my last post my frustration with bra shopping, and I figured why not share my rant with the world here.

When I went to summer camp as a 13 and 14 year old, I had absolutely no need to wear a bra. They used to sing the “Flat as a Mat” song to me and my friend Shayna because we just were completely MIA in that area. I was that girl that prayed and wished and hoped that one day she would get boobs and be able to fill out a bra. Little did I know, that wish would one day come back to bite me in the butt.

Now, I have to wear a D cup. I have such ridiculous trouble finding bras because my rib cage is so tiny and yet my boobs are so big. Victoria Secret doesn’t make my size, nor does Aerie. The most expensive brand name bras from all the department stores of course make 32 Ds that cost anywhere from $60 to $80, and even when I do manage to find them on sale at Nordstroms, they still cost me an arm and a leg.

This is what I dont understand. America pressures girls to be skinny. America pressures girls to have big boobs. America pressures girls to be skinny with big boobs, exactly the way Barbie is made. I’m not going to lie – I know I have the body that thousands of girls kill themselves over. I know that I am blessed in my metabolism and my wonderful chest [but dont worry, I am constantly telling all of my flat chested friends that they can gladly have my boobs, they are too big for me.]. So yes, I am blessed. Then why is shopping for bras, bathing suits & tops often such a pain in the ass for me?!

Please tell me, why doesnt one of the biggest lingerie stores in the country carry my size? Erin has the same problem, and she wears 34 D’s instead because they fit her basically the same. I cant wear 34 D most of the time because my back ends up hurting, because the band slips up my back and makes it incredibly uncomfortable.

Its the same for clothes – tops that have triangle shapes, especially the ones with lines underneath the chest – they just dont do it for me. If I want something to fit me up top, I end up having to get it in Medium. Then the medium looks baggy in the rest of my body and I look ridiculous. If I try the small, my boobs are popping out or making it too tight up top.

And oh, the joys of bathing suit shopping. You’d think it’d be easy, but no. Forget string bikinis, no way will my boobs stay in those. So I have to find the bikinis with the thicker straps, which normally have clips. But in order for the cups to fit my boobs, I have to buy them in medium or large, which means the band is too big for my ribs. So then I have to literally go to the tailor and get my bathing suits hemmed to fit me. It’s ridiculous.

So this is my Dear America – Please, if youre going to pressure girls to be skinny and big breasted – at least make clothes for us!

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TJ Maxx

I wrote the other day about great places to find cheap clothing, and TJ Maxx was one of those places. In search of a suit for Meg, dress pants for Erin and a Sprom dress for Lena, the four of us ventured to cambridgeside for a day of shopping. In the middle of our shopping adventure, Lena read a blog post on Beantown Prepster that TJ Maxx had a new shipment of Lilly Pulitzer. Since Lena is obsessed, we rerouted there and she found at least two dozen pieces to try. Lena left with patterned pinapple bermudas, a pair of lime green capris and a sleeveless collared ralph lauren polo in a sky blue. She managed to snag all that in $120 – less than the bermuda’s wouldve cost on their own at full retail price!

I was a very good girl and only bought a set of 4 pairs of aerie undies leftover from vday, which were justified by my $5 coupon that i snagged for trying on a bra [of course in a C, since the whole world of cute bra makers refuses to make 32Ds. argh!]. So I managed to spend $6 on 4 pairs of underwear – not bad at all. At TJ Maxx I definitely was lacking the energy [and the financial means] to spend serious amounts of time digging. I did browse through the denim but all the Seven’s and True Religions I found either weren’t the style I was looking for or not at all in my size. I guess going on a Saturday evening isnt ideal for that type of thing. In wandering the store, Erin and I stumbled upon the bra section, in which I discovered a number of 32D Walcoal bras. I was in bra heaven. These bras normally retail at Nordstroms or Macys for anywhere from $60-$80, and my poor mom pays full price for them for me because she knows theyre the only bras that fit me well. So I found THREE of them for $13 each – $38 bucks for 3 bras when one normally costs me $60… absolutely no complaints there.

Meg found her suit at New York & Co for $80 which was an incredible deal, I had no idea but they apparently have a 25% AAA discount, pretty sweet. Lena did some damage at J Crew as well, all in their wonderful sale section, and Erin found a hot pink boyfriend cardigan for 25 with her 15% student discount – always key at J Crew. I toyed with getting these babies


but decided I’d wait til I hit up the outlets when I’m home in June. For now I’ve got my trusty reefs and my very last AE purchase:

picture-3They’re basically knock off Tory Burch, but I love them anyways, and I just absolutey cannot wait for flip flop weather to arrive!!

After our very successful shopping trip we hit up PF Changs for dinner, which is always delicious. And now it’s sunday afternoon, I’m back at home procrastinating doing my work by writing about fashion. What else is new?

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fashion faux pas

In suggesting topics for me to write about, my professor had the idea that I talk about the biggest fashion mistake of my past. Now that I am a fashion expert and I have this blog, it’s obvious that I make no mistakes what so ever, I will clearly have to pull from way back in the past [ha ha, juuuust kidding]. 

The first thing that comes to mind when I think of the embarassing things I wore in middle school and high school is all short short shirts that I owned and wore, showing half of my stomach to the entire reason for no good reason. I am thin, I have always been thin, blessed with my father’s god-like metabolism, so it’s not like I walked around with rolls sticking out of my shirt. But even still, I cringe thinking about all those shirts with the labels “princess” or the “perfect” on them, all shrunken way up. Of course that was the trend of the time, if only I had been able to figure out how horrible I looked.

Now, I avoid showing my stomach at all costs. In fact, almost all of the tops that I own are ridiculously long, probably covering more than necessary. Funny how trends change. In making that joke above, it made me think – in 5 years from now, will I look back at pictures and be embarrassed by what I wore based on the trends of the next few years? Its so funny how fashion ideas change yet remain cyclical – my mom always laughs about how she would wear the same thing back in “her day”. Just take the example of flannel – huge back in the 80’s and 90’s and now it’s reappearing all over the place. Same with spandex and leggings. 

I guess all I can hope is that I dont make the same mistake I did in middle school with all those embarrassing graphic t’s that showed the whole world my belly button. I guess we all have that fashion faux pas in our closet – and there’s mine.

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Tory Burch

Tory Burch. As a designer, she’s come into the spotlight rather recently, and her shoes were all over Los Angeles as the latest thing when she first broke out. Her stuff is exorbitantly expensive, and most of it is slightly bizarre, but there are a few of her pieces that I would die to have. I always beg my mom to treat me to a pair of her Rena Flats. At $195, they’re ridiculously expensive, and while I could sit here and give you the sob story of how I have a narrow foot and most flats dont fit me and how these have the elastic back that make them super comfy and perfect for me, my mom hasn’t given into that begging yet, so I assume you wont either.

In reality, my mother owns 3 pairs of her shoes for exactly that reason. Her foot is impossible to find shoes for, and often times she pays the price for the shoes that fit. She does wear them well – she has a gorgeous patent leather pair in deep purple and this silver metallic pair:


These are the ones I want, which I would probably wear every day that it wasn’t below 50 if I could.


I love the gold with the green, and I think the bold color is perfect. They have tons of other colors, which you can check out on Tory’s website here.

Once I was online, I of course had to check out all her other pieces. I’ve seen people with her bags, but I didnt realize she had a whole clothing line. As I write this post, I realize that my complains about her items sound oddly similar to my Lilly Pulitzer complaints – too expensive, and often too bizarre to actually see myself wearing. Maybe I just dont fit the prototype that these designers are going for. I guess I’m just desperate to see a designer that has bold and somewhat funky pieces that can be worn on a regular basis – dont they realize that the majority of americans dont have the type of budget where they can buy something for $500, wear it once and then toss it into the back of their endless closet to collect dust? I guess they simply arent targeting us regular folk. 

Anyways, here are a few of the pieces that stuck out to me on the website – you can of course browse yourself and let your jaw drop at the prices.


Originally $545, this dress is on sale for $327. What a bargain! I like the basic concept, but the pattern definitely isnt my favorite, and i feel like the dress falls at an awkward length – is it mid calf or is it ankle? My D size boobs probably wouldnt fit in the dress anyways, and honestly it looks like something I’d wear to the beach, so I’d way rather go to forever 21 and buy a cheap cover up for $15 instead.


The cut and pattern of this definitely reminded me of Lilly Pulitzer’s line. It seems more Navajo Indian inspired than flowery, although I’m not a huge fan of these colors. The dress is on sale for $231, marked down from $385.


I love this dress. I dont know why, but the simple, bold pattern just really does it for me. I love the detailing in the middle, and I think with the right body type, it could be really flattering. At $350, its a bit out of my price range. Sigh.

melanie-375I’m a huge fan of this one too, in all its simplicity its just so basic, and you can pair it with so many great items and different shoes and jewelry. This one is $375, so I guess I’ll love it from afar.


I really like the idea of a cute, cropped leather jacket like the one above. You can definitely find them cheaper – at $695 this one is definitely not worth it, but I’m going to prowl the web later tonight in search of a good one.

I stumbled upon the bag & wallet section of the page – oh what a mistake. I am pretty much in lust with the idea of getting a tory burch wallet. Add together the price of those green flats and I’m flat broke. Oof.

currency-wallet-165saffiano-currency-wallet-255So the first wallet looks identical to the second one, right? The pink one is on sale for $165 and the purple, deemed the “Saffiano” currency wallet instead of just the plain currency wallet that the pink one is named is a whopping $255. Of course I like the purple color more.


Just picture it. Me, at the beach, with my towel, big shades and a book, with my perfect, $250 tory burch bag perched next to me, perfectly nestled in the sand. Pop. That will never happen. But a girl can dream.

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