my apologies..

I sincerely apologize for dropping off the face of the earth- the season of midterms has gotten the best of me, and i caught the flu & a ridiculous fever the last few days so i’ve just been a mess all over the place. I’m going home to Los Angeles for spring break tomorrow, and I plan to keep my eyes peeled for interesting fashion trends I notice.
I did see two things yesterday while on my walk to CVS to buy medication that i wanted to write about.
The first was a coach silk scarf, tied around a girls neck. it looked something like one of these, but all pink, with the C’s embossed as a pattern throughout the scarf.
picture-13picture-21I’ve seen scarves like these tied to bags and purses, even used as headbands. The neck kerchief was definitely a bold move, and I think I liked it. The problem was, the rest of her outfit was too busy, with a patterned top and too many colors. When pulling off something bright and bold, stick with plain and simple for the rest of your outfit.

The next thing I saw was a girl walking with full white tights on with what must have been black shorts over them. The problem? Her jacket was longer than her shorts, so she appeared to have white legs and I have no doubt that every wrinkle of her underwear was visible through those tights. If youre going to pull of the leggings-shorts look, wear cute flats [not converse, which is what this girl was wearing] and please, put on a cropped jacket so you dont look like a half ghost creature.


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