oscars live blog

this live blog is not going to be as intense, but i wanted to make some comments on peoples outfits as i watch the preshow.

kate winslet looks gorgeous, i love her dress, its so different.

amy adams – her dress is beautiful as well, i really like the detailing on it, and i love that shes wearing such a great necklace with the tube top

sarah jessica parker – i really do not think she is pretty, and i do not understand the obsession with her. i love sex and the city, but sarah is not my reason for watching it. her dress is too tight on her chest – not cute.

angie and brad – of course, the infamous couple. im not a huge fan of how much her dress scoops down, but its plain and classy. brad is of course looking beautiful.

miley – whaaat is she wearing?!

oh boy, Valentino. classy classy. i didnt realize he was the good luck charm.

zac efron – kill me now. 

vanessa hudgens is definitely not my favorite, but shes pretty, i have to give her that.

miley again. really? gross. she sounds so moronic.

anne hathaway – she is so classy, i love her. i cant really see her dress very well – its very sparkly and im not sure about the color.

meryl streep & her daughter – they both look gorgeous, with simple and plain tubes i love it.

penelope cruz – she looks like a swan. definitely not my favorite.

ohh jack black – why does he always just make me laugh? not the most stunning man, but his purple shirt is pretty happening.

marisa tomei – wearing a slightly strange dress. im not sure if i really i understand it. shes really pretty though.

hugh jackman is a funny, funny man.

penelope cruz for best actress. she is a gorgeous, talented woman. congratulations to her!

steve martin & tina fey! two of my favorites! tina looks very classy. 

yay milk! i loved that movie. his speech is making me tear up.

i really need to see slumdog millionaire.

jennifer aniston’s dress is too sequiny for my taste. her and jack black seem very scripted. what a funny duo.

wall-eeeeee! omgosh this movie must win. yaaaayyyyy!

the girl from mama mia – i don’t know her name, but i am not impressed with her dress. she looks like shes at prom. weird.

love natalie portman. love her dress, especially the color. shes so beautiful.

jessica biel. she still acts? and what is she wearinnggg?

this montage of musical numbers is incredible. i love it. 

i love that theyre doing this with the men and women who have won best actor/actress throughout the years. so emotional, i love it.

tastefully done speech for heath ledger. i love that he won, and that his family is accepting his award. i honestly am shocked that hes gone.

its incredible the emotion showing on everyones face. goodness.

with that, time to shut off my computer. hope everyone enjoyed the show!


February 22, 2009. Uncategorized.

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