confessions of a shopaholic [spoiler alert]

No, no, this isn’t a long post about how I went on a huge shopping spree [thank goodness, cause my mother reads this blog now that she has the link & would absolutely take my head, haha].

Instead, a friend took me to a special pre-screening of the new movie, Confessions of a Shopaholic, based on some of the best selling books by Sophie Kinsella. [This site, btw, is incredibly clever because it is in fact a link to the webpage, which lets you shop for Becky’s outfits. Smart, smart marketing. Damn they did good.] The main character, Becky, is played by Isla Fisher [Wedding Crashers, and that weird animated cinderella story movie with McDreamy in it]. I’ll try not to give away too much, but I will say that overall, I wasn’t blown away by her fashion choices. She had a number of cute outfits but nothing that I thought was incredibly fabulous. None of these images really spoil the plot, but if youre worried about seeing her ensembles before the movie hits theatres don’t keep scrolling! 

main shopaholic pictureThis is the main image of Becky on all of the ads, and while I absolutely love her belt, her bright orange fuzzy shrug drives me nuts. The outfit appears in the movie and I just dont get it. The skirt is great, although I would have paired it with a similar solid top in a different color. 

becky in meetingI know you can’t really see this outfit very well, but i like the concept of the solid pink with the checkered pencil skirt. You’ll notice she has a different belt paired with every single outfit. Don’t get me wrong, I love belts but not with absolutely every outfit. The only thing about this ensemble that I’m not a fan of is the sparkly rhinestone decorations on the collar. The top could be cute on its own, but I think paired with the jacket, purple accessories and patterned skirt with the belt it’s just too too much.

sparkly topYou can kind of see it there, her stance is incredibly awkward. I absolutely love her coat, and I love the purple glove/clutch combo, but separately, not all mixed together.

purple dressThis is probably one of my favorite outfits, minus the horrific combination of bags she has showing. The coat isn’t my favorite but I think it’s a bold piece that a few can pull off. I love the blue dress and purple belt combo, and she looks really great in the colors which is a huge plus. I think the orange gloves can definitely get dropped, but thats a minor detail, haha.

white and greenThis is a great outfit. Simple and plain, with a fun bright belt to go over the white. She looks simple and classy without being to bland. Success.

picture-2This doesn’t show her outfit too well, but you can see the horrific beaded jacket over the dress with the white top and the studded belt. Too much! WAY too much! Without giving it away, I can say that the jacket gets taken off and destroyed, but when the dress is on by itself her boobs pop out of the top, which isn’t too flattering. And trust me, as a girl with boobs disproportionate to my body, I understand what it’s like finding dresses that fit my body along with my chest, but with a professional outfitting crew, c’mon!



You can’t see this outfit too well, but I wanted to include it because I though the combination was an interesting one, and I’m not quite sure how I feel about it. I do like the top – although it’s slightly corset like, I like the color combination. I’m not sure if you can see, but she’s wearing a huuge pendant around her neck that’s in the shape of an anchor. The necklace was in a number of scenes, and I had a difficult time deciding if I liked it. I love big, bright and funky jewelry but I guess just not with this top. Im not sure I like the skirt with the top although the bright pop of the black I really like. Maybe if she wore a solid black pencil skirt instead, the top would pop more.

shopaholicfashionTwo of my absolute least favorite outfits. The orange jacket-purple legging-silver boot-plaid scarf combo just makes me want to puke. Again with the belts! Sheesh! I do like her bag with the black writing, but it has to be paired with a very simple outfit, which she clearly is not wearing.

The pink boots with the fur just kill me [and not just because I’m a vegetarian]. The dress and belt could be really cute on their own, but the over the top jacket and boots just overwhelm me. I’m not sure why this movie became obsessed with the cropped jacket look – I understand it’s an in thing but I dont know, I just dont get it. Maybe in LA, or warmer areas, but why would I ever own one of those things in Boston or New York? It is way too cold for that!

And now, for the absolute worst outfit… ever.

islafullmatrix_468x740Thats right. Blink a few times. I wasn’t kidding. This is her bridesmaids dress in the movie, and there are actually MORE of them in other colors. It’s painful, I know. Between the rainbow poofs underneath and the hair pieces, I wanted to die watching these parts of the movie. I wont give away the funny catch that this dress comes with in the end, so you’ll have to see the movie if you want to enjoy that laugh.

Overall, the movie was cute, a little bit more physical violence than I’d realized [there’s an intense fight for a pair of what I think are incredibly tacky boots and the scene felt incredibly unnecessary].

The plot was relatively predictable, although my friend who took me to the showing was an avid reader of the books and said that they changed the plot a huge amount. I do have to admit that the leading love interest is a gorgeous, gorgeous man, as shown above. 

All photos are credits to the movie website, linked above, and


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  2. Laura replied:

    Does anyone know where i can buy the Black and White Checked Coat, that she wore?

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