success at claires

At 10;30 yesterday morning [after several snoozes of the alarm] Erin & I rushed to Cambridgeside to find me some jewelry for my Snowball ensemble. Of course I’d had such a hectic week that I waited til the absolute last minute, and I was meeting with a realtor at 1 to look for apartments for next year, so we definitely didn’t have much time. What I thought would be a painful trip took only a few minutes – we succeeded in finding me silver hoops & a great necklace at our first stop: Claires.

When I was 12, Claires was a goldmine. I’ve always had a jewelry fetish and my ears have been pierced since i was in kindergarten, and since Claires was in the local mall, I always had to stop in. I haven’t really been in the store in ages, but I figured theyd have basic fancy jewelry to look at. They had a bunch of black necklace choices, and since I wanted to wear silver hoops & black patent leather shoes, I chose the one in the pictures in my last post.

Of course since Claires has their buy 2 get 1 free deal on earrings i got two sizes of silver hoops & really cute dangly turquoise peace sign earrings 🙂

A quick stop into H&M led to an impulsive buy – a navy blue, white & turquoise argyle cardigan. It was 30% off of $30 so I ended up paying $21 but I’ve been looking for argyle forever, and the colors are perfect! What can I say, shopping really is my addiction.

h&m argyle


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  1. What’s Buzzing? » Blog Archive » Air Jordan Fusion 6 | Uristocrat replied:

    […] success at claires « passion for fashion […]

  2. rachel replied:

    I love the sweater! I am so excited you finally got an argyle sweater! And one that you love!

  3. rachel sarah replied:

    seee! theres a reason i didnt get that target one!

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