live blog of the grammys

I tuned in late, but I’m going to live blog the rest of the grammys. It’s hard to believe that its been four years since I was there myself, standing in the crowds of people in front of the stages. Oh the perks of growing up in Los Angeles and having a mother who is well connected, haha. Anyways, here’s my live blog. Enjoy!

8:05 – Jennifer Hudson’s dress is not flattering. Her speech is emotional and I feel so bad for all the pain shes gone through the last few months, but her dress is not my favorite

8:09 – I am not a fan of the rock, and nobody is laughing at his shtick. 

8:11 – Oh JT. How much I will love you, no matter what I say, I cannot forget the days I had the Nsync posters plastered all over my walls. Nice suit too.

8:13 – I am thoroughly enjoying listening to Justin sing. 

8:16 – I am disappointed that my favorite singer [taylor swift] is going to be sinking to the level of Miley Cirus. Not impressed!

8:20 – Coldplay is performing. I really love them, not a diehard fan by any means but Viva la Vida is one of my favorites.

8:23 – Love Love Love the coldplay Jay Z combo

8:25 – Speaking of Viva la Vida! They are amaaazing live. I have chills.

8:27 – Not sure I like how the announcers are all the way down that runway thing. Weird.

8:28 – Oh Carrie. One of the few American Idol singers I still love. I love the funky sleeves on her dress. Maybe not great for performing, but she’s just so damn cute.

note; i really am not a country fan, Taylor Swift & Carrie Underwood are really the two exceptions haha.

8:30 – Damn, look at her in those heels. That is a talent I will never have.

8:32 – Sheryl Crowe & Alanis Morrisette – oldies but goodies! 

8:33 – I hope Rascal Flats wins for best country performance!

8;34 – Alright, Sugarland can have it, they were my second pick, haha. The lead singer is wearing a gorgeous dress, I love the top of it. She’s too cute!

8:35 – So excited for the upcoming performances! booo commercials.

8;40 – Yayyyy Coldplay!! they totally deserve it.

8;46 – I’m not such a huge Kid Rock fan, but I do like the Sweet Home Alabama song. He does look pretty snazzy in his suit.

8:53 – Taylor!! Yayy! She is so gorgeous.

8;54 – Miley! stop ruining Taylors song! you SUCK!

8;55 – I’m disappointed in the song choice. She couldve picked way better.

8;56 – hey Miley. Please go back to the Disney Channel.

8:56 – My roomie just pointed out that they both got dumped by Jonas Brothers. Maybe they’re becoming bff & bonding over how heinous those guys are, haha.

8;57 – I was right! Theyre bff!

8;58 – Voice Collaboration – I love all these songs, tough call.

8;59 – I dont know who the winners are. Confusing.

9:00 – Jennifer Hudson. How emotional. Her dress is sparkly, but its much more flattering than what she was wearing before.

9:09 – I love Jason Mraz. What a hottie. What a great hat!

9:10 – I wish the stupid Jonas Brothers would fall off the planet. I do not get the fascination. 

9:11 – & as my boyfriend just said “Stevie Wonder, why did you subject yourself to this. I love him. But really?”

9;12 – Look at him with his trendy scarf. They do look like they’re having fun but still.

9;14 – Blink 182 is performing? I thought they hated each other? I’m going to have to google this next commercial.

9;15 – Best Rock Album goes to… Coldplay! Yaayyy!

9;16 – Shallow, but I love the accents! & the bright, funky colors theyre all wearing.

9:22 – Not sure who is talking, but hes kind of obscene. 

9;23 – is Katy really bi-curious or did she just write a catchy song?

9;24 – Her outfit is NOT cute. I am not a fan.

9;24 – this fruit stage theme is weirding me out. Just because you were tasting cherry chapstick doesnt mean you can wear bananas on your hips. 

9;25 – I really am over this song. Catchy, yes, but okay. It’s over.

9;25 – I watched a cute interview of her with Katie Couric the other day and found out she’s deeply religious and has a jesus tattoo on the inside of her left wrist. weiird.

9;26 – Theyre dragging her? what?

9;27 – KANYE! my all time favorite. At first I didnt like the “american boy” song but its really grown on me. He’s so pimped out and so is she but I think it fits the song well.

9;29 – Best New Artist. I really really hope the Jonas Brothers dont win

9;30 – Adele. Thank goodness.

According to Wikipedia, Blink 182 met today on the stage for the first time since 2004. They started talking again after four years of silence at the end 2008. Weird.

9;37 – I love Morgan Freeman. The end.

9;40 – Not really a kenny chesney fan – I just started zoning out. Oops.

9;41 – P. Diddy! Record of the year! I wonder if Coldplay will win again.

9;42 – And the grammy goes to… Kraus & Plant again. Hmm.

9;47 – woaaah p diddy on csi: miami! who knew!

9;48 – queen latifah! looove the dress. excellent color. she’s too cute.


9;49 – wait. why did they just tease me like that. I didnt even know MIA was performing!

9;50 – woaaah what is she wearing. i am not a fan ahhhhhhhh here it is!!

9;50 – i looove the black and white. holy crap.

9;50 – all four men look so fly. oh goodness.

‘ you can pay for school but you cant buy class ! ‘

9;52 – ohhh lil wayne your scarf cracks me up.

9;52 – now its in color. confusing.

9;53 – TI is probably one of my favorite rappers. He’s so great. 

9;53 – she must be pregnant. couldnt she have picked something more flattering? it confuses me.

9;54 – apparently today was her due date. woah damn.

9;55 – Paul McCartney!! oh wait, SIR Paul McCartney.

10;04 – Jack Black is announcing. He’s so intense haha, but you have to love him.

10;05 – best male pop vocal – john mayer is up! so is jason mraz, tough one. but that song is much older, im confused.

10;06 – yaaay john mayer!

10;06 – uhhh oh, tv cut out! baaad editing skills!

10;06 – he is so composed. and so sexy. mmm.

10;09 – i got distracted and have no idea who is performing. im a bad girl haha.

10;18 – commercials. why is survivor still on?

10;18 – gweneth paltrow? what? does she sing? shes so skinny looking, and her top looks like a disco ball.

10;19 – i forgot about radiohead, but i love that the USC marching band is performing with them. go trojans!

10;29 – TI & JT! YAAAYYYY!!!

10;29 – omg justin rapping. i love itttttt.


10;33 – wow this drumming is intense. i love it. and the violins. oh goodness.

10;34 – i had no idea Obama had a grammy! how impressive!

10;38 – oh ne-yo. you & your glasses. 

10;41 – sugar pie honey bunch! what a great song. i love the choice. and the little twirl at the end was a great touch.

10; 42 – wow, theres still so much to come. im so shocked! [and sleepy, haha]

10;47 – neil diamond! this song is one of the reasons i live for baseball season!

10;48 – im in my own world rocking out, haha

10;54 – so many commercialss!

11;02 – CSI new york? huh?

11;02 – LIL WAAYNEE! im curious to see what he’s performing.

11;03 – his white jacket is out of control, haha. but i love this song and i like the images behind him, they make the song more powerful and emotional. He’s from Louisiana, im just not sure where exactly.

11;06 – these umbrella girls are strange. i dont get it.

11;08 – i saw an interview with lil wayne the other day and seeing his tattooed face really overwhelmed me. hes talented, ill give him that, and his songs are incredibly catchy, but tattoos on your face? idk.. 

11;09 – will i am & t pain! t pains ensemble is really not my favorite. and the white glasses? no no.

11;10 – best rap album! tough choices! 

11;10 – lil wayne won! im not surprised. i loved his little jump just now! what he is wearing on his feet i am really unsure, but good for him haha.

11;11 – his speech was nice, short & sweet. very impressive. 

11;23 – album of the year is up! last grammy of the night! 

11;24 – are you serious? these two again? im so confused! how have i never even heard of them??

11;26 – oy youve already had two other thank you sessions. off the stage!

11;27 – the enddd! overall, not my favorite grammys but there were definitely some good performances mixed in with the bad. next time, taylor needs to perform all by herself, and katy perry needs to take the fruit off!



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  1. benevolenthappenstance replied:

    was this an assignment?

  2. rachel sarah replied:

    haha no, i just felt like being insane 🙂

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