hoop earrings

I used to have two pairs of silver hoop earrings. I now have none. I am incredibly good at taking things off [especially jewelry] and losing them. The day I realized I lost my second pair was a sad, sad day.

My pair looked something like this – with a basic clasp back instead of the full circle ones you have to stick back into the hoop, those drive me crazy. 

silver hoops

I hadn’t worn hoops for a long time, but I saw a set of 3 pairs for $4.80 at forever 21 a few months ago when I was home and decided I’d rock em anyways. I still have the gold & black pairs that came with the set but I miss my silver ones, they’re just so classic. [that and the necklace my boyfriend gave me that I never take off is silver, so they alway match]

I dont always see a lot of girls wearing hoops, but I feel like they can really class up any outfit. I often forget to wear earrings, or feel like dangly complicated earrings can mess up a necklace combo. Hoops are clean and simple and easy to remember, and they are bright enough that they stick out through my dark, cropped hair. 

I’ve definitely been branching out into wearing gold, and I love big funky pieces too, but thin silver hoops are just so classic.

My next earring purchase to accompany a pair of replacement silver hoops? These bamboo hoops, my guilty obsession.

bamboo hoops


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