my apologies..

I sincerely apologize for dropping off the face of the earth- the season of midterms has gotten the best of me, and i caught the flu & a ridiculous fever the last few days so i’ve just been a mess all over the place. I’m going home to Los Angeles for spring break tomorrow, and I plan to keep my eyes peeled for interesting fashion trends I notice.
I did see two things yesterday while on my walk to CVS to buy medication that i wanted to write about.
The first was a coach silk scarf, tied around a girls neck. it looked something like one of these, but all pink, with the C’s embossed as a pattern throughout the scarf.
picture-13picture-21I’ve seen scarves like these tied to bags and purses, even used as headbands. The neck kerchief was definitely a bold move, and I think I liked it. The problem was, the rest of her outfit was too busy, with a patterned top and too many colors. When pulling off something bright and bold, stick with plain and simple for the rest of your outfit.

The next thing I saw was a girl walking with full white tights on with what must have been black shorts over them. The problem? Her jacket was longer than her shorts, so she appeared to have white legs and I have no doubt that every wrinkle of her underwear was visible through those tights. If youre going to pull of the leggings-shorts look, wear cute flats [not converse, which is what this girl was wearing] and please, put on a cropped jacket so you dont look like a half ghost creature.


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oh, the streets of los angeles

for our latest in class assignment, we were asked to visit a creative commons site [i chose] and wandered upon a flickr user named Malingering, who has been taking people watching photos and commenting on the very interesting outfits people chose to wear out in the public of los angeles [mostly beaches, i recognized santa monica pier and promenade as well as venice].

Here are my top five. I live in LA, so some of these things are so so shocking to me, but these are definitely some excellent photographs.









all photos are credited to Malingering, on Flickr & Every Stock Photo.

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oscars live blog

this live blog is not going to be as intense, but i wanted to make some comments on peoples outfits as i watch the preshow.

kate winslet looks gorgeous, i love her dress, its so different.

amy adams – her dress is beautiful as well, i really like the detailing on it, and i love that shes wearing such a great necklace with the tube top

sarah jessica parker – i really do not think she is pretty, and i do not understand the obsession with her. i love sex and the city, but sarah is not my reason for watching it. her dress is too tight on her chest – not cute.

angie and brad – of course, the infamous couple. im not a huge fan of how much her dress scoops down, but its plain and classy. brad is of course looking beautiful.

miley – whaaat is she wearing?!

oh boy, Valentino. classy classy. i didnt realize he was the good luck charm.

zac efron – kill me now. 

vanessa hudgens is definitely not my favorite, but shes pretty, i have to give her that.

miley again. really? gross. she sounds so moronic.

anne hathaway – she is so classy, i love her. i cant really see her dress very well – its very sparkly and im not sure about the color.

meryl streep & her daughter – they both look gorgeous, with simple and plain tubes i love it.

penelope cruz – she looks like a swan. definitely not my favorite.

ohh jack black – why does he always just make me laugh? not the most stunning man, but his purple shirt is pretty happening.

marisa tomei – wearing a slightly strange dress. im not sure if i really i understand it. shes really pretty though.

hugh jackman is a funny, funny man.

penelope cruz for best actress. she is a gorgeous, talented woman. congratulations to her!

steve martin & tina fey! two of my favorites! tina looks very classy. 

yay milk! i loved that movie. his speech is making me tear up.

i really need to see slumdog millionaire.

jennifer aniston’s dress is too sequiny for my taste. her and jack black seem very scripted. what a funny duo.

wall-eeeeee! omgosh this movie must win. yaaaayyyyy!

the girl from mama mia – i don’t know her name, but i am not impressed with her dress. she looks like shes at prom. weird.

love natalie portman. love her dress, especially the color. shes so beautiful.

jessica biel. she still acts? and what is she wearinnggg?

this montage of musical numbers is incredible. i love it. 

i love that theyre doing this with the men and women who have won best actor/actress throughout the years. so emotional, i love it.

tastefully done speech for heath ledger. i love that he won, and that his family is accepting his award. i honestly am shocked that hes gone.

its incredible the emotion showing on everyones face. goodness.

with that, time to shut off my computer. hope everyone enjoyed the show!

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steve madden

Erin and I took a trip to her hometown in Connecticut for the long weekend, and on the drive back to the bus station, we of course took a pit stop at the mall.

I had two successes, at forever 21 & at steve madden, where Erin also succeeded.

Much to my shock, I discovered a few weeks ago that Erin did not own a pair of boots that weren’t uggs. She’s going to France for spring break, and decided she needed a pair both for traveling & for back in Boston. Erin found these two pairs at the Steve Madden store, which she debated between for a while.

suede boots
140-online-100-in-store-200-origThe suede ones are everywhere these days – I see them in every form and color on every girl on campus. They’re classic and easy to wear, I have them in brown and love them. They do require thick socks during colder weather, but I definitely love em. The second pair erin really liked but they bunched up a ton near her ankles, which wasnt very flattering. they dont zipper so they only way to really get them on your leg is to undo the buckle at the top, which is tedious. because of the height of the boot, she couldnt quite get the scrunch at the ankle to go away, which bugged her too much. 

I found these:

picture-12which I am currently wearing in class as I type this out. I never really knew if I could rock the ankle boot, but these are so fun yet classic that I decided just to try em on for fun.

Now the best part. Erin’s suede boots were $80, and mine were $60 marked down from $150. If you spent $100, you automatically got $25 off. Erin & I purchased our boots together, and each saved $12.50 off our respective pairs of boots. Not bad, not bad.

Later on Monday night, in trying to show a friend my purchase online, I stumbled upon some pretty, and not so pretty, shoes on the Steve Madden site. Now dont get me wrong, I am a huuuge Steve Madden fan. I have a half dozen pairs of shoes/boots from the brand, bought either at the store or at Nordstroms. I think the main thing is that their shoes fit my feet really well – I’ve got a painfully narrow foot that absolutely nothing with a solid back fits [pumps, flats, etc.] On top of the narrow foot, I have a problem with my toes in that they all curl upwards, making it hard to wear shoes that press on the tops of my feet.

So here are my findings. There may be sections that you have to look away. Consider yourself warned.

80We’ll start with the good. I saw these in purple suede in the store and fell in love. They’re so funky and bright, and I love the big gold ball on the top. Super fun and great for spring. If only they werent $80.

801Why a woman in her right mind would purchase these $80 pumps I have no idea, but I love love love the detailing on the front, and wish the heel wasn’t so damn high. 

90I think I have a suede obsession, but seriously – these are hot. I wish they werent $90 with a killer heel so I could be the one to rock them, but I guess I can drool from afar.


I love cowboy boots. Some people make fun of me for this love, but I just think they are so cute, and can be a great addition to an outfit. One of my first pairs of Steve Madden boots are my black, low heeled mid-calf cowboy boots. I wore them all through high school with my knee length skirts and under and over my jeans. These are a great twist on the classic boot, although $150 is kind of steep.

2001Love these. Kind of wish they came in a dark brown [and werent $200], and I dont think I’d be able to last all day in that heel, but I love the look of the scrunched leather and the buckles.

70I wanted these really badly when we were at the store, but I decided mine were more classic, and the black was too plain. If they came in a red I’d be all over that though, especially if the sale price of $70 got knocked down a bit more.

1501I truly do not understand these. For $150 too! Whyyy!??!


1201I kind of see it? Maybe? You’d have to be really hot to pull these off.

80-orig-110hey, we have some extra material. Why not add it on to what looks like a basic peep toe heel and make it half heel-half boot. WHAT?!

180$180. I kid you not.



Oh Steve Madden. So hit or miss.

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the era of over bearing technology?

In light of the recent Michael Phelps dilemma [by now we’ve all seen the pictures of him smoking pot out of a bong in South Carolina] we were asked to comment off topic in our blogs about what it’s like living in a technology savy world. Not just the idea that technology is everywhere, but the idea that your every move is being documented and recorded by somebody somewhere, whether with their blackberry or iphone, on twitter, a blog or even just on facebook. In this day and age, it’s all out in the open for anybody to see – especially now that Grandma & Grandpa are jumping on the facebook bandwagon.

Whether he expected it or not – by winning those bagillion gold medals, Michael Phelps stepped into the sp0tlight of America. As a world record holder, he should know better than to go to some crummy party and smoke out of a bong. But really, how old is he? 23? He’s only two and a half years older than me. We are all irresponsible, we all make bad choices and its unfortunate that Michael Phelps, who is still in his early twenties and probably just wants to live his life and have fun, is in the spotlight. But thats what happens in America. Im not saying I support it, but I also have to be honest and say that I’m a part of it. Growing up in LA we were constantly on the celebrity look out, and I lived for the days that Toby of the West Wing would let me babysit his kids [he was my neighbor]. As ordinary citizens, we worship the ground these celebs walk on and were incredibly harsh in our judgements of their actions.

As a twenty-something, I’m completely a part of that world – there is no denying that. For starters, it’s dangerous how attached to my blackberry. I have the 8330 curve & I absolutely love it. I got it for my birthday last July, and it’s proven to be well worth the data fee that I managed coerce my father to split with me on the family phone plan we have with verizon.   I’ve got the basic browser on my phone, which lets me google or wikipedia whatever I need at the click of my trackball [yesterday Erin & I wanted to know where Trinidad was and within seconds I was able to find out that it was just off the coast of Venezula]. I’ve got gchat & aim applications installed, as well as a google shortcut that lets me access google maps, news, photos & reader easily. I have shortcuts to CNN, the weather channel, New York Times, and the LA Dodgers home page, ESPN and the Facebook mobile application. I’ve got a great mobile app called Viigo, which lets me download all of the RSS feeds my little heart could desire, along with weather info, travel information, sports and even stocks.

I am constantly connected to the world with my blackberry, which many would argue isn’t such a great thing. It does come in handy for reading the headlines while I’m waiting in the ridiculously long Dunkin Donut line on campus, and for being able to email directly back and forth with my parents, friends or potential subletters on craigslist. 

I also love the camera on my blackberry, which allows me to capture ridiculous moments [like my friends building a straw bridge across our 10 person long table at CPK, or the hoards of large geese that frequent campus these days] without having to whip out my digital camera [not that thats very hard to do, but hey, its 2009. were lazy].

I was able to update my facebook status from the inauguration, google map how many miles away from Boston we were when we got stuck on the jersey turnpike, and email my mom to calm her nerves and let her know I was in DC safe and sound.

In terms of feeling like my life is documented, part of me loves it and part of me hates it. When I’m taking pictures, I feel like I’m not living in the moment, but when I dont have pictures a few weeks later, I often regret not taking my camera out. While my memory isn’t too shabby, I often wish I had pictures of more events over the last few years so that I could savor those moments forever.

Everyone loves being tagged on facebook. I love the multitude of pictures that have been posted from my time in China last summer, but I cant lie – I have an addiction to detagging. Maybe its that I’m self conscious, but often times I am not the most photogenic person, and I do not have the need to have 10,000 photos tagged of myself. I have dozens of albums posted, dont get me wrong, I love tagging people and being able to post pictures for friends to see although my albums are often made friends only. The one thing that does make me hesitant is that my dad, brother, brothers girlfriend, two older cousins and their spouses [both couples have children of their own] along with my aunt and her husband and my uncle all have facebook profiles. Its upsetting thinking about how I spent all of senior year anxiously awaiting my college email address so I could finally sign up for facebook, and how public the site now is. I sometimes worry about my Dad going through pictures, but I really don’t have much to hide, and if i do, it certainly isn’t tagged in a public facebook album. There are certainly videos of me tagged on facebook that make me cringe at how much of a tool I can be sometimes, but thats me, crazy and ridiculous, and most people who know me know that side of me, so I’m not that worried.

Thinking back to the days of myspace, I definitely get a little sketched out. After a certain number of random people were posting on my comments section I deleted my profile, and have no intentions of ever rejoining the site.

Besides facebook, I’m not really aware of who is taking pictures of me or documenting my every move. I love googling my name and seeing all my clips from working at the paper last year show up, but I’ve come to accept that I am one of 6 billion – there arent that many people who are too interested in what I’m doing or where I’m going. While some may beg to differ, I just havent run in to the problem of feeling like I’m being constantly surveyed or recorded. Maybe one day when I’m a famous journalist, but for now I’ll just keep on untagging.

I recently joined twitter, but I have yet to make a post. I think the concept is fun, but I’m not too sure how into it I will get. I also dont have a great base of friends to start with, so that doesn’t make it as fun.

Mostly I just feel bad for Phelps. We live in a world that is so technology savy that when you’ve been placed in the spotlight you really don’t have much privacy. His lawyers and publicists are probably whacking him over the head with their mountains of endorsement papers, but the reality is – the poor kid just didnt think before he made the decision to go out. With all the pressure hes faced lately he didn’t think about how somebody could take a picture one second and the next he’d be all over the headlines again – just not the way he imagined. It’s sad to admit, but with the incredible amount of technology that has evolved in the last decade, it is pretty important that we watch who’s taking pictures of what.

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rockin’ the leggings

Boston weather has this bizarre tendency to have weird heat waves during the strangest times. Yesterday, our thermostat read 59 at 1 PM. Considering its been in the 30’s lately, that didn’t make much sense to us, but the roomie and I were determined to make the most of the weather with spring inspired outfits.

Erin was unsure of her ability to rock the legging look, but I ensured her [and the continued to help complete her look from my wardrobe]  that she could do it no problem.

erin - no jacketproblem one; finding a bra and tank top for underneath the slightly see through top, which Erin purchased at Jasmine Sola for 80% off when they went out of business last year. We decided on a nude bra and a blue american eagle beater from my collection to add color underneath the top, and to add length to the tops since Erin was hesitant her other top was too short on its own.

we added on her cute target flats that she found a few months ago with me [which i am so so jealous of!] since the colors went well together.

erin - jacket & scarfnext we added the coat – Erin’s first Burberry purchase a few weeks ago. She scored this spring jacket from the Burberry store on Newbury street for $280 – marked down from $400. I love it because it’s simply and classy, but still has the great touch of the burberry pattern on the cuffed sleeves, which you can unroll if needed. I added my pink forever 21 scarf to the ensemble, and she was all set!

my outfit - with scarfSorry for the crappy mirror shot, the light in my room is horrible and Erin had already left for class when I was heading out. My outfit is almost entirely forever 21, the leggings, vneck, scarf and jacket are all forever 21 finds. the striped tank top is one of my staple american eagle beaters, and the pink flats I got at target years ago. My bag is my favorite purchase from when I was in China last summer – the color is incredible, it’s a perfect size to carry my books and notebooks without being too overwhelming, and it only cost me $12.

necklaceMy necklace that had been hiding under the scarf, which I purchased at american eagle for a whopping $4 on sale and with my discount. 

Ohh summer weather, I wish you came around more often!

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confessions of a shopaholic [spoiler alert]

No, no, this isn’t a long post about how I went on a huge shopping spree [thank goodness, cause my mother reads this blog now that she has the link & would absolutely take my head, haha].

Instead, a friend took me to a special pre-screening of the new movie, Confessions of a Shopaholic, based on some of the best selling books by Sophie Kinsella. [This site, btw, is incredibly clever because it is in fact a link to the webpage, which lets you shop for Becky’s outfits. Smart, smart marketing. Damn they did good.] The main character, Becky, is played by Isla Fisher [Wedding Crashers, and that weird animated cinderella story movie with McDreamy in it]. I’ll try not to give away too much, but I will say that overall, I wasn’t blown away by her fashion choices. She had a number of cute outfits but nothing that I thought was incredibly fabulous. None of these images really spoil the plot, but if youre worried about seeing her ensembles before the movie hits theatres don’t keep scrolling! 

main shopaholic pictureThis is the main image of Becky on all of the ads, and while I absolutely love her belt, her bright orange fuzzy shrug drives me nuts. The outfit appears in the movie and I just dont get it. The skirt is great, although I would have paired it with a similar solid top in a different color. 

becky in meetingI know you can’t really see this outfit very well, but i like the concept of the solid pink with the checkered pencil skirt. You’ll notice she has a different belt paired with every single outfit. Don’t get me wrong, I love belts but not with absolutely every outfit. The only thing about this ensemble that I’m not a fan of is the sparkly rhinestone decorations on the collar. The top could be cute on its own, but I think paired with the jacket, purple accessories and patterned skirt with the belt it’s just too too much.

sparkly topYou can kind of see it there, her stance is incredibly awkward. I absolutely love her coat, and I love the purple glove/clutch combo, but separately, not all mixed together.

purple dressThis is probably one of my favorite outfits, minus the horrific combination of bags she has showing. The coat isn’t my favorite but I think it’s a bold piece that a few can pull off. I love the blue dress and purple belt combo, and she looks really great in the colors which is a huge plus. I think the orange gloves can definitely get dropped, but thats a minor detail, haha.

white and greenThis is a great outfit. Simple and plain, with a fun bright belt to go over the white. She looks simple and classy without being to bland. Success.

picture-2This doesn’t show her outfit too well, but you can see the horrific beaded jacket over the dress with the white top and the studded belt. Too much! WAY too much! Without giving it away, I can say that the jacket gets taken off and destroyed, but when the dress is on by itself her boobs pop out of the top, which isn’t too flattering. And trust me, as a girl with boobs disproportionate to my body, I understand what it’s like finding dresses that fit my body along with my chest, but with a professional outfitting crew, c’mon!



You can’t see this outfit too well, but I wanted to include it because I though the combination was an interesting one, and I’m not quite sure how I feel about it. I do like the top – although it’s slightly corset like, I like the color combination. I’m not sure if you can see, but she’s wearing a huuge pendant around her neck that’s in the shape of an anchor. The necklace was in a number of scenes, and I had a difficult time deciding if I liked it. I love big, bright and funky jewelry but I guess just not with this top. Im not sure I like the skirt with the top although the bright pop of the black I really like. Maybe if she wore a solid black pencil skirt instead, the top would pop more.

shopaholicfashionTwo of my absolute least favorite outfits. The orange jacket-purple legging-silver boot-plaid scarf combo just makes me want to puke. Again with the belts! Sheesh! I do like her bag with the black writing, but it has to be paired with a very simple outfit, which she clearly is not wearing.

The pink boots with the fur just kill me [and not just because I’m a vegetarian]. The dress and belt could be really cute on their own, but the over the top jacket and boots just overwhelm me. I’m not sure why this movie became obsessed with the cropped jacket look – I understand it’s an in thing but I dont know, I just dont get it. Maybe in LA, or warmer areas, but why would I ever own one of those things in Boston or New York? It is way too cold for that!

And now, for the absolute worst outfit… ever.

islafullmatrix_468x740Thats right. Blink a few times. I wasn’t kidding. This is her bridesmaids dress in the movie, and there are actually MORE of them in other colors. It’s painful, I know. Between the rainbow poofs underneath and the hair pieces, I wanted to die watching these parts of the movie. I wont give away the funny catch that this dress comes with in the end, so you’ll have to see the movie if you want to enjoy that laugh.

Overall, the movie was cute, a little bit more physical violence than I’d realized [there’s an intense fight for a pair of what I think are incredibly tacky boots and the scene felt incredibly unnecessary].

The plot was relatively predictable, although my friend who took me to the showing was an avid reader of the books and said that they changed the plot a huge amount. I do have to admit that the leading love interest is a gorgeous, gorgeous man, as shown above. 

All photos are credits to the movie website, linked above, and

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chris brown & rihanna were on my street!

i swear, there’s proof!

i know this isn’t really anything to do with fashion, i was just fascinated by this when a friend from LA sent me the link. i also remember seeing the announcement that the two of them were supposed to be on the grammy’s and they never showed up. According to the article, Keith Urban filled in for Rihanna’s performance.

Sad about Chris Brown though, it’s weird that he’s so young and would resort to something like that. 

Anyways, irrelevant but certainly fascinating. And even better than they were on my street! I’ll have to call my parents and see if they heard screaming!

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live blog of the grammys

I tuned in late, but I’m going to live blog the rest of the grammys. It’s hard to believe that its been four years since I was there myself, standing in the crowds of people in front of the stages. Oh the perks of growing up in Los Angeles and having a mother who is well connected, haha. Anyways, here’s my live blog. Enjoy!

8:05 – Jennifer Hudson’s dress is not flattering. Her speech is emotional and I feel so bad for all the pain shes gone through the last few months, but her dress is not my favorite

8:09 – I am not a fan of the rock, and nobody is laughing at his shtick. 

8:11 – Oh JT. How much I will love you, no matter what I say, I cannot forget the days I had the Nsync posters plastered all over my walls. Nice suit too.

8:13 – I am thoroughly enjoying listening to Justin sing. 

8:16 – I am disappointed that my favorite singer [taylor swift] is going to be sinking to the level of Miley Cirus. Not impressed!

8:20 – Coldplay is performing. I really love them, not a diehard fan by any means but Viva la Vida is one of my favorites.

8:23 – Love Love Love the coldplay Jay Z combo

8:25 – Speaking of Viva la Vida! They are amaaazing live. I have chills.

8:27 – Not sure I like how the announcers are all the way down that runway thing. Weird.

8:28 – Oh Carrie. One of the few American Idol singers I still love. I love the funky sleeves on her dress. Maybe not great for performing, but she’s just so damn cute.

note; i really am not a country fan, Taylor Swift & Carrie Underwood are really the two exceptions haha.

8:30 – Damn, look at her in those heels. That is a talent I will never have.

8:32 – Sheryl Crowe & Alanis Morrisette – oldies but goodies! 

8:33 – I hope Rascal Flats wins for best country performance!

8;34 – Alright, Sugarland can have it, they were my second pick, haha. The lead singer is wearing a gorgeous dress, I love the top of it. She’s too cute!

8:35 – So excited for the upcoming performances! booo commercials.

8;40 – Yayyyy Coldplay!! they totally deserve it.

8;46 – I’m not such a huge Kid Rock fan, but I do like the Sweet Home Alabama song. He does look pretty snazzy in his suit.

8:53 – Taylor!! Yayy! She is so gorgeous.

8;54 – Miley! stop ruining Taylors song! you SUCK!

8;55 – I’m disappointed in the song choice. She couldve picked way better.

8;56 – hey Miley. Please go back to the Disney Channel.

8:56 – My roomie just pointed out that they both got dumped by Jonas Brothers. Maybe they’re becoming bff & bonding over how heinous those guys are, haha.

8;57 – I was right! Theyre bff!

8;58 – Voice Collaboration – I love all these songs, tough call.

8;59 – I dont know who the winners are. Confusing.

9:00 – Jennifer Hudson. How emotional. Her dress is sparkly, but its much more flattering than what she was wearing before.

9:09 – I love Jason Mraz. What a hottie. What a great hat!

9:10 – I wish the stupid Jonas Brothers would fall off the planet. I do not get the fascination. 

9:11 – & as my boyfriend just said “Stevie Wonder, why did you subject yourself to this. I love him. But really?”

9;12 – Look at him with his trendy scarf. They do look like they’re having fun but still.

9;14 – Blink 182 is performing? I thought they hated each other? I’m going to have to google this next commercial.

9;15 – Best Rock Album goes to… Coldplay! Yaayyy!

9;16 – Shallow, but I love the accents! & the bright, funky colors theyre all wearing.

9:22 – Not sure who is talking, but hes kind of obscene. 

9;23 – is Katy really bi-curious or did she just write a catchy song?

9;24 – Her outfit is NOT cute. I am not a fan.

9;24 – this fruit stage theme is weirding me out. Just because you were tasting cherry chapstick doesnt mean you can wear bananas on your hips. 

9;25 – I really am over this song. Catchy, yes, but okay. It’s over.

9;25 – I watched a cute interview of her with Katie Couric the other day and found out she’s deeply religious and has a jesus tattoo on the inside of her left wrist. weiird.

9;26 – Theyre dragging her? what?

9;27 – KANYE! my all time favorite. At first I didnt like the “american boy” song but its really grown on me. He’s so pimped out and so is she but I think it fits the song well.

9;29 – Best New Artist. I really really hope the Jonas Brothers dont win

9;30 – Adele. Thank goodness.

According to Wikipedia, Blink 182 met today on the stage for the first time since 2004. They started talking again after four years of silence at the end 2008. Weird.

9;37 – I love Morgan Freeman. The end.

9;40 – Not really a kenny chesney fan – I just started zoning out. Oops.

9;41 – P. Diddy! Record of the year! I wonder if Coldplay will win again.

9;42 – And the grammy goes to… Kraus & Plant again. Hmm.

9;47 – woaaah p diddy on csi: miami! who knew!

9;48 – queen latifah! looove the dress. excellent color. she’s too cute.


9;49 – wait. why did they just tease me like that. I didnt even know MIA was performing!

9;50 – woaaah what is she wearing. i am not a fan ahhhhhhhh here it is!!

9;50 – i looove the black and white. holy crap.

9;50 – all four men look so fly. oh goodness.

‘ you can pay for school but you cant buy class ! ‘

9;52 – ohhh lil wayne your scarf cracks me up.

9;52 – now its in color. confusing.

9;53 – TI is probably one of my favorite rappers. He’s so great. 

9;53 – she must be pregnant. couldnt she have picked something more flattering? it confuses me.

9;54 – apparently today was her due date. woah damn.

9;55 – Paul McCartney!! oh wait, SIR Paul McCartney.

10;04 – Jack Black is announcing. He’s so intense haha, but you have to love him.

10;05 – best male pop vocal – john mayer is up! so is jason mraz, tough one. but that song is much older, im confused.

10;06 – yaaay john mayer!

10;06 – uhhh oh, tv cut out! baaad editing skills!

10;06 – he is so composed. and so sexy. mmm.

10;09 – i got distracted and have no idea who is performing. im a bad girl haha.

10;18 – commercials. why is survivor still on?

10;18 – gweneth paltrow? what? does she sing? shes so skinny looking, and her top looks like a disco ball.

10;19 – i forgot about radiohead, but i love that the USC marching band is performing with them. go trojans!

10;29 – TI & JT! YAAAYYYY!!!

10;29 – omg justin rapping. i love itttttt.


10;33 – wow this drumming is intense. i love it. and the violins. oh goodness.

10;34 – i had no idea Obama had a grammy! how impressive!

10;38 – oh ne-yo. you & your glasses. 

10;41 – sugar pie honey bunch! what a great song. i love the choice. and the little twirl at the end was a great touch.

10; 42 – wow, theres still so much to come. im so shocked! [and sleepy, haha]

10;47 – neil diamond! this song is one of the reasons i live for baseball season!

10;48 – im in my own world rocking out, haha

10;54 – so many commercialss!

11;02 – CSI new york? huh?

11;02 – LIL WAAYNEE! im curious to see what he’s performing.

11;03 – his white jacket is out of control, haha. but i love this song and i like the images behind him, they make the song more powerful and emotional. He’s from Louisiana, im just not sure where exactly.

11;06 – these umbrella girls are strange. i dont get it.

11;08 – i saw an interview with lil wayne the other day and seeing his tattooed face really overwhelmed me. hes talented, ill give him that, and his songs are incredibly catchy, but tattoos on your face? idk.. 

11;09 – will i am & t pain! t pains ensemble is really not my favorite. and the white glasses? no no.

11;10 – best rap album! tough choices! 

11;10 – lil wayne won! im not surprised. i loved his little jump just now! what he is wearing on his feet i am really unsure, but good for him haha.

11;11 – his speech was nice, short & sweet. very impressive. 

11;23 – album of the year is up! last grammy of the night! 

11;24 – are you serious? these two again? im so confused! how have i never even heard of them??

11;26 – oy youve already had two other thank you sessions. off the stage!

11;27 – the enddd! overall, not my favorite grammys but there were definitely some good performances mixed in with the bad. next time, taylor needs to perform all by herself, and katy perry needs to take the fruit off!


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success at claires

At 10;30 yesterday morning [after several snoozes of the alarm] Erin & I rushed to Cambridgeside to find me some jewelry for my Snowball ensemble. Of course I’d had such a hectic week that I waited til the absolute last minute, and I was meeting with a realtor at 1 to look for apartments for next year, so we definitely didn’t have much time. What I thought would be a painful trip took only a few minutes – we succeeded in finding me silver hoops & a great necklace at our first stop: Claires.

When I was 12, Claires was a goldmine. I’ve always had a jewelry fetish and my ears have been pierced since i was in kindergarten, and since Claires was in the local mall, I always had to stop in. I haven’t really been in the store in ages, but I figured theyd have basic fancy jewelry to look at. They had a bunch of black necklace choices, and since I wanted to wear silver hoops & black patent leather shoes, I chose the one in the pictures in my last post.

Of course since Claires has their buy 2 get 1 free deal on earrings i got two sizes of silver hoops & really cute dangly turquoise peace sign earrings 🙂

A quick stop into H&M led to an impulsive buy – a navy blue, white & turquoise argyle cardigan. It was 30% off of $30 so I ended up paying $21 but I’ve been looking for argyle forever, and the colors are perfect! What can I say, shopping really is my addiction.

h&m argyle

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