observations across the board

I realize thus far that all of my posts have been simple rantings of obscene fashion statements I have observed on and around my campus, posts of little substance. I promise that soon I will start to post more positive exciting entries, but for now, here is another rant.

unexpectedly impressed; last night in the library, I saw a girl wearing black, white and grey argyle socks underneath her black ballet flats. The combination surprised me at first, but really grew on me. The basic colors of the socks and flats stood out without being too overwhelming or bright, and I liked that you could see a fun pattern beneath her dark, bootcut jeans. I have always been hesitant to pull off the socks with flats look, so kudos to you, library girl.

not so thrilled with; mismatching patterns. I may stand alone on this one, but when I see a girl wearing a knit patterned sweater matched with a patterned scarf  it really drives me crazy. I love patterned scarves, dont get me wrong, and the AE sweater definitely can be pulled off by some, but together? No no. There are plenty of cute plain, bold scarves that can be paired with patterned tops for a great, put together look.

what on earth?! thus far, this one definitely takes the cake. As I was walking between classes this morning, I noticed a girl with sequined gold converse on. Bright. Gold. Sequins. I can see where the concept and idea might be fun, but the leg warmers she sported above the shoes on top of her skinny jeans were not a pretty combination. The icing on the cake? The bright silver tote she carried, which clashed directly with the dorthy-like sneakers on her feet. Next time, pick one precious metal and stick to it.


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