here’s to fashion…

My name is Rachel, and I am a journalism student at Northeastern University in Boston. I’ve been assigned to keep a blog for my online journalism class, and while the grade [and in class time] is what’s forcing me to sit down and actually create this blog, I’m excited for the months of posting to come, and that the assignment will be forcing me to keep a blog [and actually update it].

As we are forced to choose a theme for our blog, I have decided to focus on fashion. Originally from Los Angeles, I grew up very aware of fashion and the latest trends, always in the know of what so-and-so celebrity was toting as all the girls in my high school had the latest bag or top as well. I began working in retail in the summer of 2007 at American Eagle Outfitters in the local mall, simply because I was in desperate need of a paycheck. I found myself loving the fashion aspect of my job, outfitting people and helping my managers dress mannequins and create displays. Now relocated across the country, watching the fashion trends change, both in regards to weather and a very different fashion attitude, has fascinated me. Trends that I’ve never even heard of are more prominent in Boston than I would have ever guessed. I transferred stores and worked at American Eagle on Newbury Street, where I continued to love creating outfits and outfitting shoppers. 

More about me? I’m 20, that horrible age where nothing happens, when you countdown the days ’til you’re 21 and can finally peruse the bars with all your of-age friends. I am a dual citizen of Canada and the United States, although I was born in Los Angeles, both my parents are Canadian citizens living in LA where they raised both me and my younger brother [whose fashion I may delve into on another occasion]. Both my parents were raised in Montreal, which remains one of my absolute favorite cities. I have always had a passion for writing and creative expression, I ran my newspaper in high school and took a number of studio art photography courses. I came to Boston in a desperate attempt to find change, and change I found. Boston is absolutely incredible – the young, bustling feel of the city contrasts greatly with Los Angeles, and I am so glad that I decided to move 3,000 miles from home to pursue my journalism degree. Don’t get me wrong, I miss the sunshine, but for now, Boston is where I am, and where I’m happy. I’m currently working at Express, a drastically different store than American Eagle. Express’s more business-y fashion is a look that I am growing to love. The sharper, fancier look is slowly tweaking my wardrobe [and emptying my wallet] but I’m sure that my constant exposure to Express clothing and trends will shape a part of this blog.

Back to the blog. I’m hoping to host a variety of different fashion spotlights, both in and out of my closet, both in and out of Boston. There is no doubt that I am opinionated [a wonderful trait that I get from my mother] and those opinions will definitely be shared, whether negative or positive. I probably should apologize in advance for the harsh words that may find themselves on here, but hey, it is called rachel’s fashion passion for a reason. I’ll try not to be too insulting.

So here’s to fashion, and the buzz that it creates. Because in all reality [especially when I’m stuck in classes] my favorite part of the day is often picking out my outfit.


xoxo; rachel sarah


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